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{Top 50} Truth of Life Quotes in Hindi – Status in Hindi for Life – #1 Top Quotes & Status

truth of life quotes in hindi You must know these facts about life. We have made this collection for those who life quotes in hindi In search of. You can use this Status in Hindi for Life in your Story or Status on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. These quotes about life are going to be very useful for you. From this unfathomable ocean of knowledge, we are able to choose only a few pearls in life. This world is full of knowledge, there is a lot to know now but for the time being we will only discuss about this 50 version of Truth of Life Quotes in this post in this post.

In today’s internet age and in the era of WhatsApp & Facebook, everyone needs Status in Hindi for Life and Life Quotes in Hindi. here we life quotes with images in hindi Which will be helpful for you to put on your WhatsApp Status. so let’s see truth of life quotes in hindi.

truth of life status in hindi

life quotes in hindi

Don’t ask for some time, give it and tell it again
The favor that he once expressed a million times

instead of getting prestige by falling at someone’s feet
be determined to be something by walking on your feet

life quotes in hindi

Be late but definitely be something,
Because people ask status not well with time..

be free from thoughts
be bound by rituals

life quotes hindi

A full pocket can lead you down many wrong paths,
But empty pockets tell you many meanings of life…

truth of life quotes in hindi

Trust is like a sticker
never feels like before
So don’t lose anyone’s trust.

it is very difficult to bring down that person
walking taught by stumbling blocks

begging and learning
get it only by eating stumbling

There was no story of a tree being cut,
If there was no wooden part behind the ax
oops it’s your

status in hindi for life

trust it well
no breath,
And people do taxes on humans.

You don’t have to be crazy to get your dreams

I met sweet people,
Bitter people are often truthful.

Eating almonds does not make much sense,
as much as cheating

Some people change their decisions out of fear of the world,
Some people change the whole world with their one decision.

Knowing others is knowledge,
knowing oneself is enlightenment

Always remember three mantras in life
(1) Do not promise in joy
(2) die in anger
(3) Don’t make decisions in sorrow

life quotes in hindi

Status for Life in Hindi

If you want peace in life
stop taking people’s words to heart

life quotes in hindi

who is happy himself
nase world is happy

Always stay away from 2 people in life,
(1) busy and (2) arrogant
Because busy will talk of his own accord,
And the arrogant will remember by his own means

truth of life quotes in hindi

Not admitting your mistake on time is another mistake

We become very good lawyers for our mistakes;
and very good judges for the mistakes of others

Be patient…
All things are difficult before they become easy.

Life is too short so spend more time with that person
Who wants to give you happiness and love all the time.

Run so fast in life that the threads of people’s evil come and break at your feet.

It doesn’t matter how much you lived life, it matters how happy you are in life.

Keep smiling in the paths of life always, sad hearts get sympathizers, not comrades.

The reality of life is such that a person becomes a memory in a moment.

Life is never short, only our desires increase.

To make life successful, you have to fight over nights not with words.

truth of life quotes in hindi

Responsibilities also take the test themselves, the more they play, the more they bother.

Work hard so silently that the coming success may make noise.

Don’t wait, life is running faster than you think.

Obstacles are only for the living person, otherwise they leave all the way for death.

Face every heat of life with a smile, no matter how strong the sun is, the sea does not dry up.

If you want to live, live like that lamp which gives as much light in a king’s palace as in a poor hut.

If life just gives, it is enough.
Do not remove the sheet from the head.. The feet should also remain in the sheet.

Truly life is a game, it is up to you whether you want to be a player or a toy.

life quotes with images in hindi

Life is a rope stretched in a circus, if balance is not achieved then it is sure to fall from the rope.

Whenever I felt that I read you,
But don’t know why you opened another page

truth quotes of life

We should also try such skills in life,
Where there is a battle with your loved ones, you must be defeated many times.

those who die inside themselves
They often teach others to live.

Life is going on very fast, I am not able to understand whether this is the stage or my destination.

truth of life quotes in hindi

Live life in such a way that you like yourself,
The choice of the people of the world changes in a moment

status in hindi for life

Life is not easy to live,
No one is great without struggle.
Until the hammer strikes,
Till then even a stone is not a god.

I am alone
I can’t do everything
This means that a little
there’s nothing I can do.

Those who make noise become a crowd in the crowd,
They get success in life
who quietly do their work

status in hindi for life success

We should also have some special goals in our life.
Which forces us to do some special work when we wake up in the morning.

Don’t look for good people in life, but be good yourself.
Maybe someone’s search will be completed by meeting you.

Stairs bless those who have to go up to the roof,
My destination is the sky, so I have to make my own way.

Learn from your mistakes, learn from the mistakes of others
Because the time is short and the goal is big.

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