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TOP 50 Life Quotes in Hindi – Life Status in Hindi With Images – #1 Top Quotes & Status

We bring you the best life quotes And Life Quotes Status in Hindi Language. We got 50 here. have posted life status in hindi with images. We have already posted the previous Truth of Life Quotes in Hindi. So please you have to go to see it. So let’s start reading this Life Quotes, Life Status in Hindi without wasting any time.

life quotes in hindi

If you ever hate your life, don’t you!
So once you did your parents
remember those sacrifices
Which is given to fulfill your wishes.

suicide life quotes in hindi

When things get worse in a person’s life,
So some people get very broken,
And some people break records

life quotes in hindi
life quotes in hindi

When in ️ human life✨
Things get worse
So some people are very broken,
And some people break records.

How afraid of death?
It’s a game of minutes
disaster is life
Runs for years

best life quotes in hindi

in the throes of dreams
forget to live
are not good

more than rich in life
It is important to have your conscience

best life quotes in hindi

New Life Quotes in Hindi
New Life Quotes in Hindi

If ever in life ️ it seems that,
You got very little
So one ️☝️ times
Let’s go to some poor settlement…

to live life
no father’s wealth
The Father’s shadow is enough.

I understand the lies hidden in sweet words,
oh life
I’m starting to understand you
Slowly slowly

Life Quote in Hindi - aapne jitne din

How many days have you lived
Live freely
same day is yours
rest of the day
The dates of the calendar are

intelligent person
Doesn’t make mistakes himself
rather than the mistakes of others
Tests the truth of life

It will end like a jam
life journey,
Bitter right
once then
Get drunk and drink it

true life quotes in hindi
true life quotes in hindi

Friends in life💫 and pictures️
If you make with heart ️🧡
Their colors will surely shine

When no one appreciates you!
then your life
It’s better to walk away

Surely some life will make me
Taking my test step by step

life quotes hindi

oh life
Don’t misbehave so much
Who are we here?
Will come again and again

Life is very precious!
It’s for a papa’s angel ️
Don’t waste it

Life is passing like feet
People also eat fruits by breaking us
And also throw stones.

life quotes in hindi on time

i want to make friends
“with time”
Heard it to the good
Changes it

Must be good
Because the treatment of eyesight
is possible but
Not the point of view

If you want peace in life
so people talk
give up on heart

Life Quotes Images in Hindi

top life quotes in hindi image

Keeps a new test step by step,
Life, how much do you care for me too?

What should I write about my life, friends!
Those people got separated
what used to be life

How happy are you in life
this is not important
important is that
how many people are happy because of you

Life Quotes Hindi - Roj Roj Girkar bhi

I stand perfect even after falling everyday
O difficulties
Look how big I am

The peacock cries even while dancing
And the swan sings even when he is dead.
This is the fruit of life
sad night can’t sleep
And happy night, who sleeps

Take advantage of every opportunity in life
but no one believes

hindi me life quotes

Life Always Second Chance
sure gives
what we call tomorrow

fate changes,
When life has a purpose
Otherwise age is cut off,
blaming fate

life quotes - time

It’s a matter of time,
today is yours
so fly
Tomorrow will be ours
Then I’ll fly

Let’s go slowly oh life
There are some debts left to be paid,
Some pain remains to be erased
There are some duties left to be performed.

Learn to enjoy life
Time⌛️⌛️ will keep enjoying you

life quotes status in hindi for whatsapp

Life Quotes - Bad Times

bad times in life
everyone comes
But someone shines
then someone falls apart

Life is not easy
It has to be easy…
With some ‘estimate’ ️,
From some ‘ignore’.

in your life
give importance to everyone
who would be good
they will support
and those who are bad
He will give a lesson

best life lesson quotes in hindi

Everyone has a tongue in the mouth
But amazing, so do those people
who holds it

Until you know it
What is that life?
until this
more than half is over

Ever since bad day in life
If you are faced
Be sure to remember that,
the day was bad life

heart touching life status

life quotes status for whatsapp

Life does not give happiness
Gives them experience

Life is your tantrum too
One day laughing makes you cry for months.

I kiss every difficulty
I consider myself
Because whatever life is
So it’s mine

top life quotes in hindi

Life Quotes Status in Hindi
Life Quotes Status in Hindi

To give so many stumbling ️
Thank you oh life
unable to walk
The skill to recover has come.

Life is short,
live with laughter
Forget all the sorrows, live from the heart
Not right for you
Live for loved ones

Time is not visible in life,
but shows a lot

life is neither in the ghost
And neither is in the future!
life is only
It’s in this moment that you’re living

Life Status Quotes in Hindi

Is there a grave or news in life?
The digger is his own person.

People who show more affection
One day ️ let’s say that
He is outside

You have to fight to change your life
Easy to understand

life quotes for facebook in hindi

Life always asks for a place,
If someone’s name asks for respect from someone,
It has to be kept with great care, friend.
If she gets angry, she asks for the goods of death.

I should be scattered a little more, this is what I have decided,
Oh life, wait a little
Where have I given up now?

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