Sad Shayari In Hindi | Top 150 | 2022

saree Poetry I

Think We will torment them,
someone else’s name but will burn them
Then Think I tormented them, I will only be in pain,
then how tormented We —- them.

20191012 114252

I miserable Love Poetry I

day If it happens, then there will be night too,
don’t be sad from him There will be talk sometime.
They love is so cute
If life is there then we will also meet will be,

20191012 114737

I very miserable Poetry I

They By separation, we have made these distances,
Don’t know why this love is incomplete Went,
Now What happens if we get pricked by tingling?
At least all his wishes come true Went.

20191012 115223

Above miserable Poetry

Now so by waving retracted Heart goes Now so in the name of love Fear Heart goes Now Any need consolation No because now every consolation is filled with heart,

20191012 115758

I miserable Poetry in Hindi

Hole Hole someone remembers,
someone takes my every breath smells,
that stranger thank you every moment,
who loves this nachiez teaches.

20191012 120223

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