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New Latest Best 50 Sad Shayari ! APRIL 2021 !

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new Best 50 Sad Poetry

You have chosen your new partner…😞😞 But whom should we choose, the whole city calls us your lover.

New Best 50 Sad Shayari

I have taken care of you by forgetting, but I am still broken from inside, my heart is happy after you are gone, but I am still angry with my heart….

New Best 50 Sad Shayari

It hurts me a lot, when all of a sudden I am left with my loved ones, I am unable to do anything, and I am unable to say anything, every time this heart remains alone.

New Best 50 Sad Shayari

Never found him but never lost him, never even weeps with tears without him, the attitude of love has changed so much in hatred, but now think that it is never to be there.

Image-0-compressedNew Best 50 Sad Shayari

I tried to get you, but maybe my efforts were lacking, they used to say that we will never let tears come in your eyes, but they left the moisture in my eyes.

Image-0-compressedNew Best 50 Sad Shayari

I wish someone would show his love to us too, come from behind and hide our eyes, we would ask who you are, and you laughed yourself and told our life..

Image-0-compressedNew Best 50 Sad Shayari

Take away the unfulfilled tales of your false promises, you will need them in the next love…😞😞

Image-0-compressedNew Best 50 Sad Shayari

We are just fond of doing poetry, if someone’s friend touches the sore, then sorry…

image 4 compressed 4

Paths change in the path of Umar, people change in the storm of time, and we do not know how much we think that we should not remember you, but our intentions change as soon as we close our eyes.

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They used to yearn to meet us, but now they don’t know why they shy away from me, we are also there, and the heart is also the same, but I don’t know why people change.

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