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New Latest Best 50 Dosti Shayari ! APRIL 2021 !

new Latest Best 50 Dosti Shayari

How small is my world, I am one and my friendship is yours….

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I have started falling in love with my enemies, as I am trying my friends..

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The moon shines alone in the stars, a person alone in difficulties staggers, don’t be afraid of bites my friend, because roses smile even in thorns..

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If someone keeps a dream on your eyelids, if someone writes your name on your breath, that’s why promise us that you will not forget us, if we find a dear friend too..

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Friendship is a relationship, the one who maintains it is an angel, friendship is the true love whose separation is the way, do not forget even if you are parted, this is the victory of friendship…

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You will maintain your relationship like this, we will celebrate every day to be angry with you, but by persuasion, accept it, otherwise we will go where we are after taking these wet eyes..

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The test of true friendship never fails, and maintaining friendship is not a child’s play.

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There is a low voice in silence, There is a deep secret even in loneliness, We do not meet everyone good friends here, We are proud of what you have met..

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I didn’t have friendship with whom I didn’t love, when I saw in bad times, there was no friend…😢😢

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Your friendship is a musical instrument, we are proud of a friend like you, now whatever happens in life, friendship will remain as it is today…

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