Is Priyanka Chopra Bad Mouthing Bollywood? Tinsel Town in trouble after Desi Girl’s revelations

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra has established herself as a global star. Since the past few months, the desi girl has been making back-to-back revelations about the Hindi Film Industry.

However, her startling disclosures have ruffled many feathers in the tinsel town with Bigwigs questioning the intentions behind her claims.

Many are accusing Priyanka Chopra of selective criticism. This is backed up by their typical “whataboutism.” Bollywood loyalists are asking Desi Girl if sexism, groupism, and nepotism doesn’t exist in Hollywood.

Alex Cooper’s Disgusting remarks

Meanwhile, some are questioning her silence on the racist comments made by Podcast host Alex Cooper. For the unversed, The actress recently attended one of the most listened podcast show “Call her daddy” hosted by Alex Where she spoke about her life, career, and her experience as a former miss world.

However, fans pointed out that Alex has made some of the most racist, sexist, and hateful remarks about the Citadel actress and her Husband a few years back.

In one of her podcasts that Aired back in 2020, Alex along with her co-host Sofia Franklin was seen calling Priyanka and Nick the “most annoying couple ever. ”

“Priyanka like to be on top and rock Nick’s tiny body back and forth,” Said one of the podcasters to which another agreed.

The duo didn’t just stop there as they took a step further and mocked Priyanka by calling her a “Lesbian” in a derogatory manner.

Listen to the leaked Audiotape:

Ever since Priyanka’s appearance on the podcast show, her fans are disappointed with the actress for gracing the same show whose hosts made some of the most disgusting comments about her and her spouse.

A few fans also wondered if Priyanka knew about Alex’s remarks about her before going to her podcast.

Many Bollywood loyalists had the actress on their radar as they called her a “hypocrite” for retorting to silence over Alex Cooper’s controversial remarks when at the same time she never misses out on a chance to call out Bollywood for its bad practices.

Priyanka’s Encounter with Creepy Director

Meanwhile, in the latest shocker, Priyanka Chopra revealed her encounter with a creepy director during her early days. She said that the director told her he wanted to take a look at her underwear. On the other hand, she also added that some of her male co-stars in Bollywood acted like Divas.

Priyanka’s Words on Quitting Bollywood

Talking about her exit from the Indian film industry in a podcast hosted by Dax Shepherd, the actress revealed that she was cornered and sidelined in the Industry after falling out with some powerful names in the tinsel town.



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