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Free me Bitcoin kaise kamaye | Genuine way to earn Free Bitcoin 2021

By the way, who does not like to earn money, whether a child is a young man or an adult, today we are going to know that how you can earn money online, that means, how can you earn bitcoin for free, the era is of the internet, in such a situation some people If you are earning lakhs of crores just sitting at home, so let’s come to the point,

What is Bitcoin?

If you have come to Earn Bitcoin, then you must have known about Bitcoin, if you do not know, then I tell you, Bitcoin is a Virtual Currency, Virtual means only that which we cannot touch nor would we have it in physical form. Is

Like Rupee moves in India, Dollar moves in America, we can touch it, feel, see, but we cannot touch or see Bitcoin, we can just store it in our digital wallet and keep it.


I try to explain you in a better way, if you have a 10 rupee note in your hand today, then it will always be a 10 rupee note and not ₹ 9 or ₹ 8 or more or less because it is controlled by RBI Bank. But Bitcoin is not controlled by any bank, it is a Decentralized Currency, that is, it is not owned by any bank or any government, nor does it have any owner, just like we all use the Internet. Bitcoin can be used by anyone

bitcoin price

it was first invented satoshi nakamoto did it in the year 3 January 2009 and since then gradually it has become so popular that you can guess it from this that in today’s time one (1) Bitcoin Price in Rs. ₹4130087.54 and in terms of dollars, the cost of 1 bitcoin USD$ 57198.10 Yes, this price keeps going up and down. This data is up to 22/03/2021

This was some information about Bitcoin, if you want to know more about it, then you can read about Bitcoin on Wikipedia that What is bitcoin Now let’s talk about how to earn bitcoin for free?

earn free bitcoin

As you have already known the rate of bitcoin and it is increasing day by day, there are many such platforms in which you can earn bitcoin for free by just a little hard work from your mobile and if you do a little bit of it. If you earn bitcoin, then do you know that your luck will change, although there are many such websites from which you can buy bitcoin, but for this you will have to pay money, so let’s tell you that HOW TO EARN BITCOIN FOR FREE

earn bitcoin with timebucks

Although there are many websites on the internet and there are many ways too, but today I will tell you about the timebucks website, how you can earn bitcoin by working on it.

In this website, you get many types of work like doing surveys, writing content, completing tasks and filling captcha, there are many such tasks, if you complete then you will get money, in this website your Earning is in dollars i.e. if you have earned $1 then you will get ₹ 70, all this money keeps on getting deposited in your timebucks account and when your $10 is completed then you can transfer it to your bitcoin wallet

But now a question must be coming in your mind that if our earning is in dollars then how will we earn bitcoin?
See what you earn in dollars is being added to your timebucks account and you can redeem (transfer) it to your bitcoin wallet when your $10 is done

So let us tell you the complete process that how you have to earn bitcoin from timebucks.

earn money with timebucks

First of all you have to go to the website of timebucks.com and now you have to click on the Sign Up button will appear above, you can log in with facebook if you want but I would not recommend you to enter your details in the box below Email first ID fee is to enter a new password and then the same password again, then i’m not a robot to click on


timebucks sign up

And then now you have to click on the Sign Up Now button, now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will have to click on the i agree button, now your dashboard will be open but your account is not fully activated, now your A mail will be sent to the entered email ID and there will be a verification link in it, by clicking on it, the account of timebucks has to be activated.

And as soon as you sign up you will get $1 bonus and now you have to click on earn to earn.

Timebucks Dashboard

By clicking on earn, many categories will come like Surveys, Tasks, Signups, Content, you can choose any of these categories and now go down a bit, you will see avilable surveys.

As you can see below, the rate is written beside the length and that means if you complete this survey then you will get so many dollars, to complete the survey, click on start.

timebucks survey
timebucks survey

And whatever the task is, you have to complete it, as soon as your task is completed, money will climb in your dashboard, you can do that task which you like, if one of your tasks is completed then you can choose another category. like content signup etc.

If you go to the settings and add your name address to the profile, then you get $ 0.100, there are many similar tasks that you can know by doing.

How to Redeem?

Now the question must be coming in your mind that how to Redeem Dollar to Bitcoin? For this you must first bitcoin account If you do not have a Bitcoin account, then you can create one. To link the account, you must first Establishment to click on

And then click on the payment method, now a new page will open in front of you.

bitcoin payment

Now click on the Payment Method box which is visible below and select Bitcoin bitcoin address have to put

bitcoin address After entering, you have to click on update payment method, now your work is done, now when 10$ will be completed in your timebucks account then you can transfer it to your bitcoin

bitcoin account

There is also the option of Refer in this, so that you can earn by referring your friends, by the way, there are many other ways to earn bitcoin by which you can earn bitcoin at home.

last word: If you are sitting empty at home, then this is a very good way to earn money online so that you can make your good income. Nowadays the price of bitcoin is skyrocketing and it is rising above it, many people earn crores from it. It has happened, almost a few years ago, no one knew bitcoin, today its value is in crores of billions.

If you want, you can earn bitcoin for free by not investing money, which is a good way.

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Satoshi What is Bitcoin?

Just as 100 paise makes 1 rupee in your own India, in the same way 1000000 (10 crore) Satoshi makes 1 Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Illegal?

Bitcoin is not illegal in India yet, cannot say anything later.

Is Bitcoin safe?

It depends on you whether you use it smartly or not because its rate can increase anytime, although it is definitely risky.

Can you earn bitcoin for free?

yes you have to work hard you can definitely earn bitcoin for free

When will bitcoin come to our account?

You can transfer to your Bitcoin account when your $10 is reached


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