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best thoughts of the day in hindi

today's thoughts in hindi

If you want to get ahead in life,
So every day make yourself better than yesterday..!!

Your future is made of it,
What you do today not tomorrow..!!

We may never come to this world again,
So live life in such a way that,
Do not wish to come again..!!

What we give to others will come back.
Be it honour, respect or deceit..!!

Your time is limited so it
Don’t waste someone else’s life..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Eating and sleeping is not life,
Life is the passion to keep moving forward..!!

Be selective in your fight
Don’t make every problem a war..!!

your best teacher,
Your last mistake is..!!

Don’t blame your luck
Born as a human
If this is not luck then what is..!!

It’s a good time
Those who don’t think ill of anyone..!!

best thoughts of the day in hindi

To achieve the big goal,
Your sacrifice should also be big..!!

They are some other lamp that gets extinguished by the wind,
We have also learned the skill of burning from the storms..!!

Second chance only gives stories not life..!!

The fruit of hard work and the solution to the problem,
It’s too late but sure..!!

Respect is always of time and position,
But man takes it as his own..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

What we have got is more than our luck,
Don’t be sorry if you don’t have shoes on your feet
Because many people in the world don’t even have feet..!!

Good days don’t come without suffering and struggle..!!

you should never give up,
Unless you are forced to give up..!!

Whatever is in the mind should be said clearly because,
Telling the truth makes decisions and telling lies makes distances..!!

Don’t bow down to anyone in the world..!!

thoughts of the day in hindi for school assembly

thoughts of the day in hindi for school assembly

If you have courage and understanding,
No situation can ever dominate you..!!

If you want to meet God,
Do such deeds which will bring blessings..!!

Those who are afraid of criticism can never become successful..!!

who has conquered himself,
He can conquer anything..!!

Mistake is the only way
Which shows that you are hardworking..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

You only have a passion for something,
Gets mastery in that work..!!

There is no wrong in the world,
He is just different from us..!!

what you are looking for,
He is looking for you only..!!

Change is very important
If you want success..!!

Your deeds are your identity
Otherwise there are thousands of people with one name..!!

today thoughts in hindi

The mind of a wise man runs,
And the tongue of a foolish person..!!

Life always gives us a second chance,
Which is called tomorrow..!!

Do not subject yourself to anyone by getting carried away by emotions,
Don’t believe in anyone except God and yourself..!!

write history,
Don’t read history..!!

treat others the same way,
As you wish for yourself..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Your attitude determines your direction..!!

Every human has eyes but,
Everyone’s point of view is different..!!

You will never have this day again,
So use it properly..!!

with the new day,
New ideas and new strength will come..!!

Run after your dreams so much that
Meeting you should become a dream for people..!!

thoughts of the day in hindi for students

thoughts of the day in hindi for students

Be positive, patient and persistent,
You will definitely succeed..!!

This is my prayer from my Lord,
May the Lord accept your every prayer..!!

What will you become in the game of life,
Game or toy it depends on you..!!

the surest way to succeed,
Always have to try just one more time..!!

Those who dare to fail,
They can achieve anything anytime..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

The future depends on
What do we do now..!!

To be first is not to win,
Winning means you are doing better than ever..!!

Never give up on anything you really want,
It’s hard to wait but it’s more difficult to regret..!!

I never dreamed of success,
I worked for this..!!

don’t give up,
Beginning is always the hardest..!!

Thought of the Day in Hindi

To be successful, you have to believe in hard work,
Luck is tried in gambling..!!

mistakes are proof that you are trying..!!

If you pay attention,
You learn something every day..!!

Educating the mind without educating the heart,
Education is never called..!!

Much better than giving up,
Fight and die..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Sometimes even getting lost in myself,
Looks so cool..!!

True people can make mistakes,
But can’t do wrong with anyone..!!

The name of moving forward is life,
Life is not about eating and sleeping..!!

Keep smiling always
Sometimes for yourself, sometimes for loved ones..!!

Candles in the dark and hopes in troubles are very useful..!!

motivational thoughts of the day in hindi

motivational thoughts of the day in hindi

That man is really intelligent,
One who does not take out wrong words from his mouth even in anger..!!

If you are insulting someone,
So really you are losing your respect..!!

Successful people change the world with their decisions
And unsuccessful people change their decisions out of fear of the world..!!

“Teacher” and “Street” are both same, they remain where they are.
But they take others to their destination..!!

Every sunset reduces a day from our lives,
But every sunrise gives us another day full of hope..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Hard work, courage and perseverance make every dream come true..!!

Till then no one can stop you from winning,
If you are not ready to stop..!!

We don’t have yesterday
But we have tomorrow to win..!!

It doesn’t matter if you take part in the race.
It matters to race and win is the one who runs..!!

Never stop trying because the other person is ready,
To take advantage of the opportunity you missed..!!

Thought of the Day in Hindi

Life won’t give you what you want
Life will give you what you deserve..!!

You can’t lose until
Until you stop trying..!!

Whatever you do, do it with the belief that,
The world will change with that, then the world will definitely change..!!

Winner is the one who after losing again and again,
Will try one more time..!!

There is so much wealth of knowledge hidden in books,
That a robber can never rob..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Keep your intention so strong that,
Records appear weak in front of you..!!

Nothing can beat a man
Until he gives up himself..!!

To make your tomorrow according to your own accord,
You have to work today..!!

The most valuable thing in the world is our labor and,
The best partner in life is our confidence..!!

If you have the passion to win,
Then no one can beat you..!!

Life Thought of the Day in Hindi

Life Thought of the Day in Hindi

Who works even in bad times,
Good time comes for him..!!

We know what we are
But we don’t know what we can become..!!

Win or lose depends on your thinking,
If you agree then there will be defeat and if you decide then you will win..!!

A man immersed in true sorrow,
can never be a liar..!!

If we accept some bitter truths,
So the gum works slowly..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Happiness just keeps slipping out of my hands,
And by counting the sorrows, life gets cut off..!!

Your last mistake is your biggest teacher..!!

When luck is bad,
When destiny is bad..!!

The number of times you do the work,
You will be so good in it..!!

depends on your goal,
How successful will you be..!!

Bind the threads of vows or slips of wishes,
He will give only when he wishes..!!

Practice kindness all day long for all,
You will feel that you are already in heaven..!!

Best Hindi Thought of the Day

The fun of winning comes only when
When everyone is waiting for you to lose..!!

Today the value of the time seems right,
His time is precious tomorrow..!!

The means should not be the resolution,
To pass something..!!

who does something today,
Its tomorrow changes..!!

who works on his shortcomings,
That’s where the talent comes from..!!
today’s thoughts in hindi

Only you can rectify your shortcoming..!!

You’re the one I’m afraid to even think about,
It’s not a matter of getting it..!!

Life is too short
The reason for being angry is also small..!!

No love, I can’t hate you,
Whenever I miss you, I make myself laugh..!!

Only after being defeated by desires,
Friendship with reality..!!

It’s a matter of time, just yesterday I was in love,
And today I am in sorrow..!!

life is long keep making friends
Don’t meet the heart, keep shaking hands..!!

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