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are you looking for rain quotes in hindi For WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram? we made the best rain quotes in hindi with images for you. you can also get monsoon quotes in hindi, rainy day quotes in hindi for love. We have also posted the previous post on Rain Status in Hindi.

If it is a pleasant rainy season, then the waves of happiness start rising in the mind. We want that our feelings should be shared with our friends and love on social media through Rain Quotes in Hindi. Some people are missing their lover in this rainy season, while some people are humming songs of love. We have also recently shared Rain Status in Hindi with you in the last post, you will definitely see that too.

rain quotes in hindi

We have presented here Quotes in Hindi for Rain by wonderful people for you. In which some Romantic Love Quotes for Rain and some Sad Quotes for Rain in Hindi are also included. We hope you like these Barish Quotes.

rain quotes in hindi

rain quotes in hindi

The best fragrance in the world comes when
When raindrops touch the soil.

The rain slips through your fingers as easily,
As easily as words dissolve in the air,
And yet it has your whole world
has the power to destroy.

On a rainy day at home a cup of tea and a
You should spend time with a good book.

best rain quotes in hindi

If you pray for rain,
So you should also be prepared to deal with mud.
This is also a part of this.

Yesterday it was raining lights,
Tonight again dark night,
Extinguishing the lamps extinguished us too.

Life is full of beauty. look into.
bees, small children,
And look at their smiling faces.
Smell the smell of rain and feel the wind.
live your life to your full potential
and fight for your dreams

romantic rain quotes in hindi

Rain makes the heart romantic..

Criticism, like rain,
should be done gently,
What nourishes man to his roots
Can do it without destroying it.

rain quotes in hindi for love

There is no such thing as bad weather,
but only different types of
see good weather
happy monsoon

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One Rainy Day One for Readers
It is like a gift.

Rain! Whose soft creative hands to cut even stone
has the power of, by which this large,
Gives shape to magnificent mountains.

rainy day quotes in hindi

I feel you whenever it rains..

Change your whole day’s situation to morning status only
Don’t judge by You take a book by its cover
Can’t test just like a cloud filled
Morning does not ensure that it is a
It will be a rainy day.

rain quotes in hindi for girlfriend

only a few people can rain
feel inside,
The rest just get wet.

The cloud of rain is crazy, what do you know?
which way to avoid
Which roof to soak !!

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There are many things that I do for my own pleasure,
but for your pleasure
i collect my memories
And go out for a walk in the rain.

rain quotes status in hindi

Every heartache will disappear,
Like every storm is driven by rain..

Why do we make so many paper boats?
neither are those streets
Now it’s not rain water

rain quotes in hindi

in whose soft creative hands the stone
Has the power to cut
by whom this great, magnificent mountains
Gives shape.

Who had the news that dark clouds rained without rain
Sawan came to fly away
But no rain in your luck

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Give thanks for the rain in your life because
It soaks the flowers of your soul with water

rain quotes in hindi for tea

Enjoying the rain with a cup of tea..

Some people are so busy preparing for the rainy days that
They forget to look at the bright sunshine of today.

monsoon quotes in hindi

A rainy day is equal.
You didn’t know what would happen next.
You take that
whatever you can get

Gul has stolen your color in the Gulzars
I am burning in the rain showers

rain quotes in hindi for book reading

A rainy day is like a gift to the readers.

Eyes so new, full of pain.
Two drops of winter rain…
And these eyes can’t bear the tears anymore,
because she’s seen a lot

It is frustrating to get wet alone.
get drenched with your best friend
It’s like an adventure.

It is a color like sunshine and it is itself like a shadow
Rainy weather in her anklets

cute rain quotes in hindi

everyone wants happiness and
no one wants sorrow
but without a little rain
You can’t get a rainbow.

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There is a laugh on the lips but,
Don’t let it rain in your eyes!

wanted to get wet in your rain
we but our own
Burned in smoldering dreams.

There is a stain like ink in the heart,
Which does not wash off even in the rain of tears.

rain quotes

sad rain quotes in hindi

Maybe some wish keeps crying,
it’s raining inside me

I can guess from the bad weather,
Then the heart of an innocent is broken
In Mausam-e-Bahar.

No one can wake me up more than the rain.

heart touching sad rain quotes in hindi

waiting for you is the same
Like waiting for rain in a famine.
Useless and frustrating.

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On a clear bright day,
You can improve your body;
on a rainy day,
You can heal your brain.

I don’t want only rain for you, my dear,
I want the beauty of the storm for you too

sad rain quotes in hindi

I smolder like the lava of the sea in my chest
I long for the rain of your grace

There are many things I do to my surprise,
But for my happiness I share my memories
collect and in the rain
I go out for a walk.

There is no happiness again in the rainy nights
I remembered my time
came something remembered his youth

new rain quotes in hindi

A rainy day is equal.
You didn’t know what would happen next.
You take what you can get.

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Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.
It’s like learning to dance in the rain

rain quotes for love in hindi

rain quotes in hindi for love

rain and be with your lover
it will be nice to sleep

There must be some rain in everyone’s life,
Some days must be deep and full of sorrow.

innocent drops of rain,
almost all events,
Makes it natural.

very romantic love quotes in hindi for rain

getting wet in the rain and kissing your lover
Rome sets fire to Rome…

I love to walk and get wet in the rain
Because rain doesn’t mean just getting wet
Rather it has to be felt.

cute rain quotes in hindi

i always hold your hand
I dream of walking in the rain..

rain falls on my soul
And even soaks my soul.

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Flying clouds came in my life,
Not to bring rain or storm,
Rather to add color to my sunset sky.

rain quotes in hindi

The rain falls because the cloud is its weight and
Can’t bear it for long.
just like the tears fall
Cause the heart hurts more
Can’t bear it

Never take your path as your destination.
Just because the storm is blowing,
does not mean that
You are not moving towards the light.

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Celebrate the rain;
that’s what it means
that the sun is higher than ever
will look bigger and brighter

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