[70+] Dhokebaaz Shayari in Hindi (2022)


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Dhokebaaz Shayari

Dhokebaaz Shayari
Dhokebaaz Shayari

Cheaters are found at every turn of life,
Meet more of yourselves than others..!!

Eyes are tired looking at the sky,
But that star does not break, seeing that I should ask for you..!!

My wounds are better than you,
Gives as much trouble as I can tolerate..!!

If there is day, then there will be night too.
Don’t be sad you will ever talk to him,
That love is so sweet
If there is life then we will also meet..!!

O love came to cry at your end,
Know why today we are crying in your name..!!

There is a trend of fraudsters, sir.
Where is the value of the faithful..!!

Who cries for someone else’s sake, O friend
Everyone had to cry on their own issue..!!

Now the heart refuses to show mercy,
Now the heart gets scared in the name of love,
And now there is no need for any consolation,
Because now the heart is filled with every comfort..!!

Unfaithful people are growing slowly,
This city should now be theirs too..!!

Those who learn to cheat, sir
Everyone seems to be a cheater..!!

Dhokebaaz Shayari in Hindi
Shayari Dhokebaaz

Smoke has spread in today’s time,
Humanity and loyalty have been hidden, cheaters have increased..!!

Thought the time was good but he turned out to be a trickster,
Considered himself as his own but he turned out to be a cheater..!!

I wanted him with all my heart,
But he gave my helplessness the name of cheating..!!

His memories are evergreen, but now he is out of my reach,
Even after getting what will I do, he is always a cheater..!!

Cheaters will meet thousands in life,
This does not mean that we should stop believing..!!

Today I have taken a promise not to sleep,
Like you, she also turned out to be a cheater..!!

If you see, see how far
Here everyone seems to be a cheater..!!

You cheat, even then you are not a cheater,
Even if we are loyal, we are guilty.
This account is not yours but mine.
It’s time to time..!!

Every sigh of mine has got wow here,
Who says pain doesn’t sell..!!

You did not understand and did not want to understand,
What did we want from you except you..!!

Dhokebaaz Shayari in Hindi

Bewafa Dhokebaaz Shayari
Dhokebaaz Shayari in Hindi

Don’t ask how many complaints you have, O life,
Just tell that there is no other side of yours left..!!

She separated from us and made these distances,
Don’t know why this love has become incomplete,
Now what if we get pricked by tingling?
At least all his wishes have come true..!!

It rains in my city,
Sometimes with clouds and sometimes with eyes..!!

She kept crying and saying I hate you,
But one question is troubling even today,
If there was only hatred then why did she cry so much..!!

If the heart is broken then it hurts,
This heart cries by making love to someone,
When the pain is felt,
When someone is in love and there is someone else in his heart..!!

There was only one left to lose you,
Worse than this, what else was to happen this year..!!

Hole hole someone remembers,
Someone smells my every breath,
Thank that stranger every moment,
Who teaches love to this thing..!!

If I follow you, then my age gets angry,
And love is very easy to read and write,
But it takes a sweat to do it..!!

If the wounds are old, then give them a new wound,
Come let’s bring the same love again..!!

What is the matter, you are sitting very quietly,
Is there any thing on the heart or are you sitting somewhere in your heart..!!

Dhokebaaz Dost Shayari
Dhokebaaz Shayari in Hindi

How would he tolerate himself in the mirror,
He really hated the fraudsters..!!

Life doesn’t end by not finding someone,
But there is nothing left to lose by finding someone..!!

We were restless in search of peace,
The buyer gave pain and took away the heart too..!!

you are smiling so much,
What is the sorrow that you are hiding..!!

Moment moment the breath is running out,
Life is sleeping on the side of death,
Do not ask that unfaithful reason for my death,
She is crying to show the age..!!

I wanted him with all my heart,
But he gave my helplessness the name of cheating..!!

The deeper I had faith in him,
He left by cheating even deeper than that..!!

Don’t take my loneliness as my hobby,
Someone has cheated with great love..!!

As time passes, the love of some people,
Not weakening and getting deeper..!!

Don’t let anyone come so close,
That a person gets angry with himself by going away from him..!!

Bewafa Dhokebaaz Shayari

Dhokebaaz Ladki Shayari
Bewafa Dhokebaaz Shayari

Those people get cheated a lot,
Those who are pure of heart..!!

Since love has been deceived,
Every beauty is afraid,
I was not used to darkness before,
I am scared of the light now..!!

In every game we win,
But we lose the game with the cheater..!!

You didn’t love right but you,
Deception has given me a lot of courage..!!

There is a trend of fraudsters, sir.
Where is the value of the faithful..!!

As precious as trust is,
The more expensive the deception becomes,
Who knows the price of honesty,
Here every dishonest becomes king..!!

When he fills the wounds of the heart,
Heart got hurt, didn’t even know..!!

I have often seen this stitch even in the one who loves,
Those who were proud of their loyalty have also seen them unfaithful..!!

Someone lived in love, someone died in love,
Love is an ocean of fire, yet someone has descended,
The account of the wound in love is very old, my friend,
Somebody got hurt, someone got hurt..!!

There is no loyalty in the nature of every face..!!

Dhokebaaz Dost Shayari

Shayari Dhokebaaz
Dhokebaaz Dost Shayari

Look at the flame of madness that,
Even after getting cheated, we want them..!!

When life was very beautiful,
Neither loved nor hated anyone,
A turning point in life came like this, love happened to him,
And the hate is from all over the world..!!

His memories are evergreen,
But now it’s out of my reach,
Will I even get it?
He is always a cheater..!!

refusing to agree,
We fell in love with an unfaithful one..!!

It was just fun when he was in love with us,
When did he have time off from Mehfil-e Gair?
We were capable of falling in love,
When was that reality in his promises..!!

love changes life,
Even if you get it and even if you don’t get it..!!

It is not that you have forgotten your oath of sorrow,
The sorrow is that you played like a trick,
If you had any intention, you would have told me,
It was a matter of each other, why did you tell everyone..!!

Ishq says look at me once,
If you do not introduce me to death, then change my name..!!

Searched a lot but somewhere they got lost,
Tried to search but couldn’t find it
I was faithful but maybe there was a flaw in his love,
That’s why he got lost in someone else’s arms..!!

No one is ours in this full world,
It is non-existent that there is no support of loved ones..!!

Dhokebaaz Ladki Shayari

Dhokebaaz Shayari in Hindi
Dhokebaaz Ladki Shayari

I like loneliness
Everyone is a fraud in the gathering..!!

I do not realize my own condition,
I have heard from others that I am upset..!!

He asked how are you
And I kept thinking..!!

Don’t see the dream that breaks,
Don’t hold the hand that leaves..!!

In every game we win,
But we lose the bet with the cheater..!!

His memories are evergreen but now he is out of my reach,
Even after getting what will I do, he is always a cheater..!!

He gave good results for my love,
In my trouble, he forgot me only..!!

The world is very selfish, why would anyone give it?
There is no shroud of focus here,
So who will give love without sorrow..!!

What favors do those who cheat,
Let the world identify a fraudster..!!

They left us, we don’t know what was their compulsion,
God said that it is not his fault in this,
I wrote this story was incomplete..!!

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