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were sitting in their fun that suddenly arose,
Coming to your memory has not done you any good..!!

There should be a need to remember someone,
Moments come by themselves
Who asks the caged birds,
Remember only those who fly away..!!

Sometimes I miss sometimes their dreams come,
They are unaccountable when it comes to harassing me..!!

If only one drop of water remains in the right eye,
O love to be a sign of your being,
Only this thought gave you shelter to the memories,
If something is old in this new house..!!

There is no sorrow away from you,
Stay away and forget us though we are not,
What happened to you if I didn’t meet?
Your memory is no less than a meeting..!!

What is the value of memories those who just forget someone,
Ask the meaning of memories to those who live with the help of memories..!!

This is my attempt to laugh and laugh
I want to keep everyone happy
whether one remembers or not,
It is my habit to remember everyone..!!

It’s not that you don’t miss
It’s just that we don’t tell,
Our heart’s relationship with you is priceless,
You know that’s why we don’t tell..!!

Wherever we are but still in your memories,
What is passing is lonely in all those nights,
Don’t look here and there and find us,
Being intoxicated, we are still in your eyes..!!

Missed you in a lonely night,
To forget the memory, we lit a shaman,
What has the shaman shown us,
His rising smoke made your picture only..!!

Shayari in Hindi

Shayari in Hindi
Shayari in Hindi

If you get hiccups, then forgive me,
Because this heart has a habit of remembering you..!!

Your memory makes me restless,
Everywhere I see only your face,
Know how your love has made me
If I ever sleep, my eyes get dry..!!

How can I change this habit of mine,
That I have got used to remembering you..!!

Neither the day passes nor the night sleeps,
What should I do, my friend, your memory hurts a lot..!!

I’m away from you, there is no sorrow,
We are not among those who forget by far,
It doesn’t matter if you can’t get it.
Your memory is no less than a meeting..!!

A dream was remembered in my eyes all my life,
Centuries passed, remember that moment,
Know what was the matter in that friendship,
Forgot all the meetings, remember that friendly..!!

Remembering you is also wonderful
Come sometime and see what happens to us..!!

People with good characters and good thinking are always remembered.
Even in hearts, in words, and also in prayers..!!

If you ever meet, tell me how your memories hurt,
Your memories are removed from the heart..!!

Don’t make me feel sorry for my departure.
Do not moisten your beautiful eyes,
My dreams got burnt in my heart.
Don’t reduce my memories from heart..!!

Yaad Shayari Images

Shayari in Hindi
Yaad Shayari Images

If you are alive, I will remember you every day,
If you forget, then understand that God has remembered us..!!

If you remember, it will turn from day to night.
Look in the mirror, we will talk,
Don’t teach us to meet,
Close your eyes, we will meet..!!

Do not remember so much that you understand yourself,
Let me realize that I have my own personality too..!!

A voice comes from the corner of the heart,
We miss him every moment,
Heart asks us again and again that
The more we remember them,
Do they miss us too..!!

Don’t miss you now where in my bus
Heart has a habit of taking your name on every beat..!!

Don’t you populate the ruined world,
Don’t you remember the past moments,
An imprisoned bird said this to us
I have forgotten to fly don’t set me free..!!

How beautiful the world becomes at that time,
When someone tells you you are missing..!!

Left with no sorrow,
We will forget you, we are not the ones who forget us,
It doesn’t matter if I don’t meet you
Your memory is no less than meeting..!!

If I complain then why should I do it, it is a matter of luck.
I don’t even think about you and I remember your words..!!

miss you very much,
Life without you is exactly half of us..!!

Sad Yaad Shayari in Hindi

yaad shayari
Sad Yaad Shayari in Hindi

It does not feel good to remind someone again and again,
If it is important then people will remember themselves..!!

Every distance has to be erased,
Everything has to be told
Looks like friends don’t have time
You have to remind yourself today..!!

I have some memories in your pictures too.
The things of some moments are also incomplete..!!

How strange is the relationship of love and friendship,
If you meet, then things get long and if you get separated, then memories are long..!!

I have remembered him, let’s breathe a little slowly,
Even the heartbeats disturb the prayer..!!

There is nothing in my heart except him,
If I forget him then what should I remember..!!

Your memories are like the smell of some beautiful moments,
The good news is that it never fades..!!

Feeling erased, searching vanished, lost hopes too,
Everything is erased but what could not be erased is your memories..!!

Neither he could come nor could we ever leave,
Neither the pain of the heart can be heard by anyone,
Just sitting, lost in their memories,
Neither did he remember nor we could forget..!!

How beautiful does this world look when,
Somebody says that you are missing a lot.

Some pictures are still left of your memories,
This heart is not empty for someone else,
If I want to delete these pictures a lot,
But it is not possible for this man..!!

Miss You Yaad Shayari 2 Lines

yaad shayari hindi

no matter how happy you try to be,
When someone remembers a lot, it really cries a lot..!!

Feeling your carelessness, remember for a few days,
If we have changed then celebrating is not your thing..!!

There must be some reason to live,
If promises are not true then there should be memories..!!

Today we are, tomorrow we will have memories,
When we are not there, then we will talk,
Will you ever turn these pages of life,
Then maybe it will rain in your eyes too..!!

Whether you remember or not,
You remember remember this..!!

Every moment’s happiness is in your memory,
Our every laugh is with you,
Remember you even when you are away
Surely there is some lovely love in you..!!


Where I am now in your memories,
I am in those nights that are passing without me,
Don’t look here and there and look at us,
I am now in your eyes after becoming intoxicated..!!

Will not be able to forget you, you will always be remembered,
Life became beautiful because of you.
You will always be the ruler of our heart..!!

We are not the ones who remember by meaning,
We are not the ones who love relationships,
Whether your message comes or not,
We miss you everyday..!!

Memories come back
No time sir..!!

God bless that the voice of this heart has such an effect,
Whose memory we are yearning to let him know..!!

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