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[50+] Waqt Shayari in Hindi (SEP 2021) | Time Shayari

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time poetry

time poetry
Waqt Ki Shayari

O bad times, behave with a little respect,
It doesn’t take time to change time..!!

How much is a driver, my friend has also gifted him,
The clock is given but never the time..!!

When times are bad, everyone starts trying,
Even small eyes start showing elders,
Do not go to the homes of the new rich even after forgetting,
They start telling the price of everything..!!

When we can’t find time for relationships,
Then time removes the relationship from between us..!!

I have fought accidents before time,
I am many years older than my age..!!

time shayari in hindi

Do not dare to laugh at someone’s time,
It’s time people remember faces..!!

Looked silently for some time,
People really forget..!!

Time doesn’t stay anywhere
Its habit is like a man too..!!

Time turns noor into darkness,
Canker heals a small wound,
Who wants to be away from you,
But time compels everyone..!!

Will answer everyone when the time comes,
We all remember the tone..!!

bad time shayari

time shayari in hindi
Waqt Par Shayari

Maybe this time some trick has gone from us,
The relationship got mixed in other colors of loyalty,
That sunshine was better than the moonlight of tears,
Let’s start life again from that point..!!

Everyone gets time to change life,
But life does not get again time to change..!!

It’s just a little time, let them try
Will cry to us, let our time come..!!

No one is found by crying,
No one is forgotten by losing,
Everyone gets time to change life,
But life doesn’t get time to change..!!

Bad times come for everyone.
Some get scattered, some get sparkled..!!

Waqt Par Shayari

No matter how much time you take us, but remember,
Will force you to change at some point..!!

Changing times doesn’t hurt that much.
As much as someone changes himself..!!

When your name comes on the tongue,
I don’t know why my heart smiles
There is satisfaction in the mind if someone is yours,
Who remembers all the time while laughing..!!

If bad times don’t come in life, then others are hidden in their loved ones.
And you never see your hidden in the garages..!!

If I cry, then the moisture will remain on the eyelids,
Life will be just life in name,
It’s not that you can’t live without it,
Yes, but there will always be one lack of you in life..!!

Waqt Ki Shayari

time shayari hindi
time shayari in hindi

don’t trust them
Whose thoughts change with time,
Trust those whose care remains the same,
When your times change..!!

Sometimes a moment comes like this,
In which yesterday is seen,
Only memories remain to remember,
And time flies with everything..!!

The one who changes his luck by fighting with time,
Man is the one who changes his destiny,
Never think what will happen tomorrow
Do you know tomorrow you can change your picture yourself..!!

Time would have stopped,
I would have rolled my eyes in shame,
If Shamma knew the pain of getting permission,
So it would have been extinguished before burning..!!

A storm came and blew everything away,
Time passed by teaching a lot,
Never thought there are such people in the world too.
Those who silenced us made us cry and left..!!

best time shayari 2 lines

Time is not known with loved ones,
But loved ones get to know with time..!!

Change your luck by fighting with time
Man is the one who changes his destiny,
Don’t think about what will happen tomorrow
Do you know tomorrow the time should change its own line..!!

I have seen walking often, I have been faster than my own pace,
But could never get ahead of time and fate..!!

A habit of time is very good,
Whatever it is, it passes..!!

Bad times never come by telling
But a lot goes by teaching and explaining..!!

Waqt Shayari Images

time poetry
Mushkil Time Shayari in Hindi

Don’t laugh at someone’s compulsions,
No one brings compulsion to buy,
Afraid of time because,
Bad times don’t come by telling anyone..!!

Looking for such a person
Who can see the pain in the eyes at that time,
When everyone tells me,
What’s the matter, you always keep smiling..!!

Neither the storm knocked, nor the stone hurt,
Time met fate and gave me punishment-e-love..!!

Love you will not be less,
With time we might not be
no matter how much love to give to someone,
But only we will be entitled to your memories..!!

Time doesn’t have to be special
It is necessary to have time for special people..!!

difficult time shayari hindi

Times changed and changed story
The memories of my happy moments with you are old,
Do not apply ointment on my wounds,
That’s the only sign I have..!!

Time takes away a lot,
Well I just had a smile..!!

They write and erase my name on the ground,
Time passes for them, we meet in the soil..!!

Time is a strange thing, it fades with time,
You were also very close, now a lot has changed..!!

There is very little time to spend together,
Never lose it in celebrating
We have already tied the knot with you,
Just give a little support in fulfilling it..!!

Gujara Waqt Shayari

time shayari hindi
bad time shayari

Everyone loves time,
It’s fun when times change and friends don’t change..!!

Life is full of wounds, learn to make time a healer,
To lose is to learn to live life from death one day..!!

The pages of life confined in the captivity of time,
Some colorless and some colored..!!

We stopped asking for time from anyone,
Don’t know they don’t even have time to deny..!!

We have paid your favors in one lump sum, instalments,
It took some time but we have paid some interest for the tears..!!

I don’t know why time passes like this
The time which is bad comes in front of the reverse,
And the time we want from our heart,
That just passes as a moment..!!

This love affair will also change.
With time the era will also change..!!

time poetry

As soon as you parted time went by,
The stars have gone astray, the moon has gone somewhere..!!

I was looking for time with a dagger in my hands,
I hid in the mirror with the sea in my eyes..!!

Life had told me a cure for my merge,
Time was told to avoid medicine and desires..!!

Time, weather and people have the same nature,
Can’t say when, who and where will change..!!

Live before every moment is over,
Coming back I remember no time..!!

There is a new fragrance in new relationships.
Now who will smell how long it is a matter of time..!!

My time dealt with me like this,
By giving experience, he took away my innocence from me..!!

last word

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