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mother shayari

mother shayari
mother shayari

She suffers like a mountain for a lifetime but,
Mother breaks down because of the troubles of a child..!!

In this way she washes away my sins,
If mother is very angry then she cries..!!

Mother, when I come to you, my breath gets wet.
Love is so much that the eyes get wet..!!

I was busy earning wealth every moment like this,
I forgot the precious mother sitting nearby..!!

Troubles surrounded me like a dark cloud,
When I did not see any way, I remembered my mother..!!

I pray that that evening never comes from the Lord,
When mother is away from me..!!

Age has given so much pain that even the soul got hurt,
When the mother put her hand on her head, the ointment got applied..!!

Now no one gets a solution for any problem,
Maybe now no one comes out of the house by touching the feet of the mother..!!

Where will all this be in your feet one day
Those who decorate Tabassum on mother’s lips..!!

It is easy to travel even on hard roads.
This seems to be the effect of my mother’s prayers..!!

mother shayari in hindi

mother shayari in hindi
mother shayari in hindi

I am the truest of all.
No matter how big I may be, even today I am your child..!!

crawling on his knees when he stood on his feet,
Knowing when did you grow up in the shade of your mother’s love..!!

O life, by giving what I ask for
You become just like my mother..!!

Some people say that nothing is more beautiful than paradise,
Perhaps he would never have seen his mother smiling openly..!!

Even the forces come and return from my door frame,
How much do my mother’s prayers have..!!

Whether it is white or muddy or expensive or cheap,
This is mother’s head, every scarf smiles on it..!!

I often get surprised, seeing the crowd at the rate of Gods,
Mother in your lap, I feel heaven..!!

All the relationships in this world are false,
A mother’s relationship is the best mother’s form..!!

When there is no tongue in front of situations,
Recognizes every pain in silence, she is only a mother..!!

Forgive me or God bow down to me and do your prostration,
Even before you mother did not do it for me, never separated me from my mother..!!

Maa Ke Liye Shayari

Maa Ke Liye Shayari
Maa Ke Liye Shayari

Now no one gets a solution for any problem,
Maybe now no one comes out of the house by touching mother’s feet..!!

Somebody got a home, someone got a shop in their share,
I was the youngest in the house, my mother came in my part..!!

Don’t know why today’s people are unaware of this.
Leave in old age whom that mother is a boon..!!

It happened for a while my mother did not sleep Tabish,
I once said that I am scared..!!

Mother what will be the right of your milk to me,
If you are angry then what will happen to God happy with me..!!

Don’t know what mother mixes in the flour,
These rotis like home are not found anywhere else..!!

Mother is there then everything is in this place,
Who says heaven is not found here..!!

Tomorrow in mother’s lap, today in the lap of death,
We got these two times in the world very pleasantly..!!

Mother’s love drenched in tears,
Sorrow spoke sadly, without letters, without strings..!!

I forget all the troubles of life,
When mother keeps my head in her lap..!!

Things were bad but kept them rich.
We were poor, only our mother knew..!!

mother shayari image

mother shayari
mother shayari image

Is poor my mother still takes care of me,
Keeps a scrap of bread for me and a pot for myself..!!

Because of which I consider myself perfect,
I know my mother before God..!!

Mother is that star in whose lap everyone yearns to go,
One who does not ask mother, he longs for heaven throughout his life..!!

Mother’s old eyes can no longer see anything,
But even after years, I have read every wish written in my eyes..!!

There was neither sky nor ground,
If mother was not you..!!

Wealth, wealth, diamonds, jewels all came to the house,
But when mother came in the house then happiness came..!!

When the medicine doesn’t work,
Then mother’s prayer comes in handy..!!

There is no border, no corridor,
Had there been a mother’s middle, there would have been no partition..!!

When we wrote the name of our mother on the door,
Trouble stopped coming at the door..!!

There was a condition when it was necessary to write the whole world in one word,
So he was looking for complete books and I wrote mother..!!

Seen every street, every city, every country and abroad,
But mother has never seen love like you anywhere..!!

Best Maa Shayari 2 Lines

mother shayari hindi
maa shayari 2 lines

Mother wrote in her painful letter,
The roads are paved, now come to the village..!!

Let me ask for this vow, then wherever it is found,
Then meet the same mother again..!!

In difficult times neither money nor relatives came in handy.
When I closed my eyes, only mother remembered..!!

It counts how many days are spent without me,
How can I say that my mother is illiterate..!!

We left the house empty like this for a lifetime,
If you go, never let anyone else stay here.
I tore the books of all desires yesterday,
Let the mother remain written only on a paper..!!

Wherever I go, the heart remains restless,
When I go home, I find peace in my mother’s lap..!!

He bowed his head at every temple, every mosque and every doorway,
The prayer was accepted when I bowed my head at the feet of my mother..!!

Look at the depths of the relationship of the soul,
We get hurt and mother hurts..!!

Even if we forget the mother in happiness,
When trouble comes, I miss mother..!!

Seeing the endless beauty of beauty,
When I saw smiling mother..!!

Even on the toughest roads, the journey seems easy,
It seems to be the effect of my mother’s prayers..!!

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