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Intezaar Shayari

Intezaar Shayari
Intezaar Shayari

Come before my eyes for a moment,
For a long time I didn’t look at myself in the mirror..!!

They shine like stars all night long,
We kept traveling alone from the moon,
Those were the past, they didn’t have to come.
We kept on changing the whole night like this..!!

Do not ask the killers of Ulfat, Alam is waiting for you,
Life is like autumn and care is about the spring..!!

The hope of waiting is now lost,
Silence has become a habit now..!!

If you raise your eyes, you are lost in love,
If you bow your eyes, you feel like complaining..!!

We knew that he would not come, wait that evening too,
But keep doing something thinking about it..!!

The cities of hope are being lived,
Your name is being taken on the lips,
There is one who does not take the name of coming,
The one we are waiting for..!!

Even after not achieving you, this peace was there,
At least don’t waste time waiting for you..!!

Restlessness lies in waiting for someone more than love..!!

If someone seems to be your own more than you then,
When your wait does not end even after meeting him..!!

2 Line Intezaar Shayari

Intezaar Shayari in Hindi
2 Line Intezaar Shayari

The speed of waiting time depends on the point of view,
If it is good then it is fast and if it is bad then it is slow..!!

Those who love each other wait peacefully,
People can hardly do it too..!!

How long will you wait now, O life,
Meet and talk four things and solve some issues only..!!

See in agony in someone’s desire,
Will know what is waiting,
If you would have found yourself without any suffering,
How to know what is love..!!

Roses are laid on the footsteps of the eyelids,
Come on, we wait..!!

Even today the soul aches at midnight,
Tears come out of my eyes at midnight,
Your years have passed in waiting, Sanam me,
Dil ko hai aaaaaye will come to you at midnight..!!

Even if the path takes hold of the walkers,
But you also recognize my love,
How long have you waited in your love,
Just know this heart’s desperation, you also know..!!

If there is no shame in waiting like this,
So don’t be able to live for two hours..!!

We have decorated this evening with lamps,
Eyes are laid waiting for you,
The wind is hitting Shama again and again,
And we have placed a bet on these winds..!!

Ask us what is the night
You are already asleep..!!

Intezaar Shayari in Hindi

Sad Intezaar Shayari in Hindi
Intezaar Shayari in Hindi

Starts breathing on every sound,
Even waiting never dies..!!

When she left, she did not go with her eyes,
Why did she not go by telling her why?
Looks like I’ll be back soon
She did not extinguish the lamp while leaving..!!

These eyes are bent in waiting for you,
There is a desire to see you,
I don’t know your name or your address, still don’t know why
A strange restlessness has arisen in this mad heart..!!

One night he had gone where to stop talking,
Till now I have stayed there to stop the night..!!

The wounds on my back are a sign of my loved ones,
Otherwise, Cena is still waiting for the enemies..!!

An age has passed in waiting for you,
There are also those that could not be cut from whom one night..!!

On this hope every day the lamp is lit,
Even after years to come..!!

In this thought, every evening-e-waiting was cut,
They are coming, they come, they come..!!

When will the pain-e-dil stay, when will the night settle down,
Used to hear that they would come, they used to hear that the city would be there..!!

Circumstances are saying meeting is not possible,
Hope is saying waiting a little..!!

Shayari on Intezaar

waiting shayari
Shayari on Intezaar

What would you do if you didn’t even come close?
If we became the target ourselves, what would the victim do?
Breathe left but eyes kept open,
What would you wait for someone more than this..!!

People often hate waiting..!!

Oh those who are waiting for you,
The time has passed to make the road home..!!

not cut in any way, what should I do?
The days are gone, the mountains are waiting for me..!!

Will leave the line of waiting in the heart,
Will leave the moisture of memories in the eyes,
You will find us one day,
Will miss a friend in life..!!

A moment’s love and years of waiting,
Like someone is robbing his own house..!!

I kept waiting for him with a dream,
Similarly, I have been in love with an unfaithful one..!!

This wait did not stop, no one stopped,
Someone’s life was lost, your payment was stopped..!!

When are you coming to meet,
We have stopped the moon for one night..!!

The wounds are so deep, what to do?
We have become the target ourselves, what to do?
We died but these eyes remained open,
What more wait for them..!!

Sad Intezaar Shayari in Hindi

waiting shayari hindi
Sad Intezaar Shayari in Hindi

Now it’s flying around waiting here,
Oh heart, this balm-o-dar belonged to some jaan-e-jahan..!!

I no longer love you
Oh life, I don’t even need you
Now those lamps waiting for him are extinguished,
There was no sign of him anywhere..!!

Whose eyes were cut for centuries,
He has given the separation of centuries..!!

No gesture, no consolation, no payment but,
When evening came I started waiting for you..!!

After saying some things, he made us cry.
We will not forget this feeling that we are gone,
When will they come, now this is to be seen for a lifetime,
The fire is being extinguished, which they burnt and left.

Someday my life will also be illuminated,
The wait is not for the morning but for you to come back..!!

The joy that awaits him,
Where is he in Mausam-e-Bahar..!!

There is no limit to waiting in love,
Just in the morning it would have been somewhere in the evening..!!

Don’t raise the waves in the ocean of the heart,
Don’t steal sleep by becoming a dream,
My heart hurts a lot,
Don’t be tormented like this by coming in your dreams!!

This is the stone that man was once,
This is called wait mian..!!

Only those who give hope just like this,
When do they come back and leave..!!

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