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[50+] I Miss You Shayari in Hindi with Image (SEP 2021)

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i miss you shayari

i miss you shayari
i miss you shayari

I have such a request to say nothing,
Just meet as many times as you remember..!!

You are in my every breath, you are in my every happiness,
Life is nothing without you because my whole life is you..!!

You are in my heart and how will someone be special,
How will anyone pass in the memories except you,
Hiccups say you remember,
But if you do not speak, how will I realize..!!

Feeling the fragrance in the air,
Looks like he is breathing in my memories..!!

We can’t forget you even if we want,
Can’t steal your arms from your memories,
It is not possible to live even a moment without you,
I want you so much that I can’t tell..!!

Thought that after erasing all the signs, I would sleep peacefully,
Closed eyes have seen yours, then restless heart called you..!!

Those times those moments will be a bit strange,
We will be the luckiest in the world,
When I miss you so much from afar,
What will happen when you are close to us..!!

I didn’t intend to go away from you.
Didn’t even promise to be together
You will remember that we knew,
But you will remember so much, I had no idea..!!

How long can I bear the pain of not seeing you?
I should close my eyes but what to do with this heart..!!

Your memories are like the smell of some beautiful moments,
The good news is that it never fades..!!

i miss you shayari in Hindi

i miss you shayari in hindi
i miss you shayari in hindi

It’s not that the day doesn’t fall or there is no night,
Everything seems incomplete when you do not talk..!!

Now there is no justtju in this heart, a sanam,
My first and last wish is just you..!!

I see them again and again,
But the hobby is that it is not fulfilled..!!

If you can remove it from your heart, then believe it,
It is no wonder to leave him..!!

You have been kept in the memories of this much,
If any time asks, I will tell your name..!!

My efforts fail everyday,
Memories take hold of you by the end of the evening..!!

Where do you have the time to talk to the people you want,
It is we who sleep every night asking for your blessings..!!

Only tears can testify for me,
How fondly the heart remembers you.

Why do you come and go in my thoughts?
You go away by scattering your locks,
The storm of beauty rises in the veins,
You go away smiling like a flower..!!

May every aspect of yours be populated in my heart,
I see you so much that I remember you..!!

New I Miss You Shayari 2021

miss you shayari hindi
New I Miss You Shayari 2021

You will be fond of the first rain of the season,
We stay drenched in someone’s memories everyday..!!

The scene was also innocent and the food was also colorless,
Missed you and the weather became pleasant..!!

I have such a request to say nothing,
Just meet as many times as you remember..!!

You will find the treasures of loyalty in ruined relationships,
You will remember my love after me..!!

How will these nights pass without you
How will these nights bear the sorrow of loneliness,
The clocks are too long to wait,
These nights will be cut by changing sides..!!

No time as if we had to do something else,
Your memories keep your words very interesting..!!

miss you in loneliness,
Heart is immersed in the depths of sorrow,
Don’t find us in the crowd of the world,
We will meet you in your shadow..!!

I wish you taught me the ability to forget,
I am tired every moment remembering you every breath..!!

Everyday waits for you, everyday this heart is desperate,
I wish you could understand that even those who remain silent have love..!!

The tears in your eyes filled only with the sadness of your face,
You don’t know yet what is the condition of my heart..!!

i miss you shayari image photo

i miss you shayari
i miss you shayari image photo

To preserve the memory of those moments that we spent together,
Because we will remember but not coming back..!!

I wish you also become like your memories,
Neither see the time nor the excuse just come..!!

Every distance has to be erased, everything has to be told,
Looks like friends don’t have time
You have to remind yourself today..!!

Often when we remember them,
This is what you pray to your Lord,
Let us take our age too,
Because we love them more than ourselves..!!

There was never a need to steal the alphabet,
Your unaccounted thoughts gave wild words..!!

you look at my helplessness,
I know nothing but love for you..!!

Sometimes I miss sometimes their dreams come,
They are unaccountable when it comes to harassing me..!!

Will try to come back as soon as possible
But still remember us in prayers..!!

Till now we could not understand this, why did we buy your sorrow,
There was a mansion on its roof of wax, we brought the sun down..!!

Found some non such who made me my own,
Some came out in such a way that they told the meaning of non,
Thanks to both, both learned to live life..!!

Has passed but misses everyday,
That one evening I want to forget..!!

2 Line I Miss You Jaan Shayari

miss you shayari hindi
i miss you jaan shayari

I wish you only dream that,
How much we miss you..!!

Light the flame of love and see,
Just decorate the world of your heart and see,
If you don’t have love then say,
Just take a look at us and see..!!

It is good if some laughs remain unfulfilled.
When it is complete, the heart becomes empty..!!

I remember the moments of meeting people,
I forget things but remember the tone,
I walk a little bit away from the custom of the times,
I always remember those shoulders who give support..!!

I can make a picture of you without seeing you,
I can tell your condition without meeting you,
There is so much power in my friendship
I can drop the tears from your eyes..!!

Today the heart has desired for your presence,
If you get free time then come in dreams..!!

Comes like a bird by breaking the boundaries,
It is your memory that does not divide like countries..!!

Can’t tell the condition of the heart
No one knows to suffer like this,
Want to hear your voice once,
But there is no excuse to talk..!!

Every night we started forgetting her crying,
Tears began to shed his love,
How strange is this heart that,
When we cried, we started remembering him even more..!!

Beautiful life is like a dream,
Know when it breaks like a glass,
don’t forget me like anything,
Keep it in your heart like a beautiful memory..!!

You come to me in closed eyes like your loved ones,
As soon as you open your eyes, you get lost somewhere like a dream..!!

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