[50+] Hurt Shayari in Hindi with Images (OCT 2021)


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chot shayari

chot shayari
chot shayari

I didn’t have the ability to pay my price in those days.
What fell in love, got auctioned for free..!!

Look at our misfortune in Baazi-e-Mohabbat,
All four aces were in hand, and one lost to Begum..!!

We learned only one thing from these beautiful people,
The more beautiful one has the more he is unfaithful..!!

leaving writing is no longer written,
The pain is no longer carried on the pages of ink,
Who has got mine.
I start listening to them again my pain is not hidden..!!

Herf-harf was so full of pranks,
Your last letter was not even eaten by termites..!!

What was his admiration even in Tehzeeb?
If you paid salt too then sprinkle it on the wounds..!!

The era we left, we fell in love with someone,
We had become wicked in love, now we have left the persecution..!!

Believe that you are far from the heart, the heart is a little forced in love,
Didn’t get along with that God, it is the fault of that God..!!

The lines of my hands are changing, my destiny is changing,
Those who had understood their love, their picture is changing..!!

See, you will make me cry today, we will cry,
Remembering you and will sleep peacefully..!!

heart shayari in hindi

heart shayari in hindi
heart shayari in hindi

Life is going on with impatience,
We have forgotten to live on our own terms..!!

When this world becomes dearer, all the prayers will be in vain,
We will become soil, then this news will come to you..!!

An eye that does not cry, wants to sleep but does not sleep,
I pray for peace, but no prayer has any effect..!!

I was attached to him like this,
That then even my soul could not be separated from him..!!

I don’t know how to express my love
I do but do not know how to tell,
Don’t understand, now know by yourself,
Because now we don’t even know how to hide the pain..!!

We wanted yours and tea too but
When we applied tea to our lips, we forgot everything..!!

Looked under the many layers of ashes but alas,
That pride, that status, that position,
The whole life which was shown was not seen today..!!

On the day of his Hijra, my shadow turned away from me,
Whatever we want to do, we have not accepted it again..!!

I remember that moment when your hand was in my hands,
There was no wish, just that we should be together, this dream was in my eyes,
Don’t know where those moments went when I was yours and you were mine..!!

The heart that once longed to see,
I pray for not seeing you today,
Why was it broken so mercilessly,
That now asks for a vow to die..!!

love heart shayari

Best Heart Shayari Hindi
love heart shayari

Get ready for a new wound, O heart,
Some people are being treated with love..!!

Very strange thing, which used to make us cry,
Today there are tears in his eyes,
Our hearts were torn to pieces,
Looks like it happened today too..!!

That’s all we have learned, friends.
There is never an edge in Rah-e-Wafa,
Whoever gets on this path from a friend,
That wound will never heal again..!!

Go and find some confiscated world,
Oh love we are no longer worthy of you..!!

who doesn’t appreciate you,
You appreciate him even more,
Why at any point in life,
He will definitely feel your appreciation..!!

It’s a wonderful thing to say,
That’s not amazing in me..!!

Don’t ask what life Sanam went through in love with us,
Seeing this, no one could even blame you..!!

How many sorrows have we hid even after suffering?
We shed tears every day for your sake,
Where you left us alone in the way,
We have hidden your wounds from everyone..!!

Come and see how we lived for your sake,
We continued to sew with the thread of tears, the wounds you gave..!!

What do you smile at my wounds filled with salt?
Look at my wounds, smiling is called this..!!

Best Heart Shayari Images

heart shayari
Best Heart Shayari Images

Every day this evening makes me sad,
It seems as if someone is forgetting slowly..!!

life hits you sometimes
That a person falls straight into Sajda..!!

Staying away from two people in life,
One Masroof and the other Magroor,
Q’s Masroof talks of his own free will,
And Magroor remembers for its meaning..!!

Take away the unfulfilled tales of your false promises,
You will need them again in the next love..!!

Some problems in life have no solution,
There is someone else in the picture, someone else in the destiny,
love is not complete
And life has just passed..!!

Those who know how to betray them,
See the age of infidelity now how to do infidelity,
love is with someone else,
Now how to tell this to them..!!

I remember your face as soon as I open my eyes
This first happiness of the day is also amazing..!!

love does it all,
Some do it with the heart and some with the mind..!!

He can understand the reward of drops,
Those who are aware of the skill of getting wet..!!

The wish was to give him the perfect happiness,
But we could not even love her,
They went by cheating and we are also called traitors..!!

He came today in our dreams,
Heard the story of my pain,
We were also very happy
When he went to talk to us..!!

Sad Heart Shayari Hindi

Heart Shayari Hindi
Sad Heart Shayari Hindi

Our crying never made any difference to them, so what will happen today?
He gave a lot of pain, if he gives a little more, what will be the difference..!!

She cried in such a way that she felt on my body,
It seemed as if he was never unfaithful..!!

Someone made me cry so much that we forgot to smile,
Our heart is so broken that we forgot to put our heart,
The world made so many conspiracies for us,
That we forgot to make someone our own in the name of relationships..!!

You will find faces, more beautiful than us,
But when it comes to the heart, you will be defeated..!!

It is our hobby to do poetry like this,
If I touch someone’s aching veins then forgive my friend..!!

Forgive me, if your heart is hurt,
Do you know if you get wrapped in a shroud tomorrow this friend is yours..!!

Even if we lose our hearts, those who put our hearts on them,
Already given to someone else..!!

Life is not just love, it is something else too.
There is nothing else but the paradise of Zulfon-Rukhsar.
In this world stricken by hunger and thirst,
Love is not only a reality, it is something else too..!!

People say let’s talk about the character,
So it becomes necessary to clean
I say when it comes to character,
It’s all over..!!

Which we have been waiting for for years,
He went away rejecting our love,
We were already broken
They broke us and left..!!

Have come at your rate to prescribe some medicine for patient-e-love,
And when you go by your rate, then read the prayer of not missing you..!!

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