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[50+] Emotional Shayari in Hindi (SEP 2021)

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emotional poetry

emotional poetry
best emotional shayari

She has come back to celebrate
Maybe it’s time to try..!!

There is a strange account of poison too, a little bit to die,
But to stay alive one has to drink a lot..!!

My loneliness is a witness of this,
Till now no one has been able to take your place..!!

I’m sure one day you’ll come back
Even if that day is not only for my death..!!

That relationship doesn’t last long.
In which there is no understanding..!!

It often happens in love,
The one who loves you the most cries..!!

Meaning that you love for the sake of it,
But this is not love,
I always appreciated
But you don’t realize it..!!

That sequence, that hobby was not that bad thing,
Then it happened that the pain did not persist,
He has become so much in his life,
That we don’t have time to remember..!!

There will be some compulsion which they do not remember,
Be careful, oh heart, you need an excuse to cry..!!

He left saying this, everyone cries,
So should we all happen..!!

emotional shayari in hindi

emotional shayari in hindi
latest emotional shayari in hindi

He fired us like a paper soaked in his life,
Neither left capable of writing nor burning..!!

I had seen sweet dreams, I am surprised,
How did the eyes become salty..!!

Didn’t ask for much that took away my everything,
Always used to ask only one person in prayer..!!

I know this is not possible
But there is hope that you will remember..!!

They will not come now to wipe away the tears,
How to explain innocent eyes..!!

There is nothing more fun to lose than to gain,
There is nothing more fun than sleeping with closed eyes,
Tears became words and words became words,
The fun of being someone in this ghazal is something else.

When life was dear, then there were thousands of enemies,
Now you are fond of dying, so murderers are not found..!!

Every time my prayer comes back empty,
Know how high God lives..!!

Love is like bangles in the hand,
They are transformed, they tremble, they break..!!

wanting to be broken and then to be broken,
It’s a small thing but life goes away..!!

emotional shayari in hindi for life

emotional shayari hindi
sad emotional shayari

Smiles over and over again,
There are thousands more ways to know..!!

When he cried, he cried by turning his face.
There will be some compulsion who breaks the heart and weeps,
The pieces of my picture placed in front of me,
I came to know that he cried after me adding them..!!

You are the only one, my heart is the only agreement,
You will come back one day till your last breath only you were waiting..!!

Some broken moments, some broken relationships,
At every step, they injure by becoming glass..!!

Sprinkle the water of consciousness on the drunken eyes,
Never get entangled with your loved ones on the things of others..!!

Incompetent stray mad don’t know what you say,
This is the laugh that you see only what the fucking face is..!!

Heartburn did not go away, on persuasion a thousand times,
Don’t know what kind of love it is, I am stuck on crying..!!

Some relationships change lives
Even if you do not meet, even if you do not meet..!!

I and my thoughts have had a fight,
My thoughts are still holding him,
I worship God and also believe in Allah,
Still people say that the boy is spoiled..!!

Look at their plot to kill us.
When he passed by, he removed the veil from his face..!!

best emotional shayari about life

emotional poetry
emotional shayari in hindi

If he is unfaithful, then what happened, don’t say bad to him,
Whatever happened, may God keep him happy.
If you don’t see it, keep looking.
If you see anywhere else, don’t look back..!!

Circumstances are saying that there will be no meeting now,
But hope is saying just wait..!!

Now the return journey will not be possible,
We have come out like tears from my eyes..!!

These roads have become very strange these days.
Everyone is in leisure but no one has time..!!

heart is filled with love,
Now this does not bother anyone..!!

We built the building of dreams on the ground,
Were birds but we took shelter of the billows,
Sometimes we thought of changing the time,
But there is nothing, we have convinced this thing to our heart..!!

You just wait a little,
I had bad time, not me..!!

We did not give any explanation just thinking that,
That the accusation may be false but if you put it, then you are..!!

I was not written in my luck with you,
Still beautiful was your hand in my hands..!!

There are some such people in life too,
What we can’t get, we can only want..!!

Destruction is not visible even after being destroyed,
This is love, its medicine is not sold anywhere..!!

Forms have been found and will continue to meet, but will be found,
If someone touches the soul with the soul, then it becomes a matter..!!

Top Emotional Shayari Image

emotional shayari hindi
emotional poetry

No matter how bad the memory is,
We only remember what we want to forget..!!

There is pain in the heart but it is not realized,
Heart cries when it is not near,
We are ruined in his love,
And they say that love doesn’t happen like this..!!

You pray a million to go away from me,
My prayer is also to the same God to bring you closer to me..!!

I had made thousands of rounds of his street, sir.
Some lucky one took him in seven rounds..!!

You can forget the one you laughed with,
But you can never forget the one with whom you cried..!!

There is no pearl like that in the whole sea,
I am asking for that which is not in my case,
If fate is written then I will get it, my God,
By paying that thing which is not in luck..!!

sad emotional shayari 2 line

We had a passion to live in someone’s heart,
The result came that we became heartbroken..!!

There is a strange desperation without you,
They stay and they don’t stay..!!

Write my story after I die
writing how my youth was wasted,
And write that my lips crave happiness,
How did it rain to write water from my eyes…!!

Neither the moon was yours nor you were yours,
I wish my heart would have believed that everything was a dream..!!

I am sorry for my destructions, but
If you played love with someone then gave it..!!

I saw the pulse that laughed and said that Hakim,
Jaa jama le mehfil with old friends is the same medicine for your every merge..!!

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