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[50+] Dua Shayari in Hindi (SEP 2021) | दुआ शायरी

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Dua Shayari

Dua Shayari
Dua Shayari

I have heard that prayers are accepted in the rain,
If you are allowed then I will ask you..!!

I have prayed with this belief,
May my life be cut off with this infidelity..!!

I should go away from his life, it was his prayer,
And every wish of hers should be fulfilled, it was my prayer..!!

Dear mother, I need your prayers,
Need the cool air of your lap..!!

May God be safe like a prayer,
One you smile the other yours..!!

Whenever I miss you in loneliness,
Then there is only one complaint on my lips,
May God give you every happiness in life,
Because our happiness comes after you..!!

Those who include others in their prayers,
Happiness first knocks on their door..!!

Always stay away from the shadows of sorrow,
Never face loneliness,
May every wish be your fulfillment,
This is the prayer from the depths of my heart..!!

Ask the Lord for your happiness,
I ask for your laughter in prayers,
Think what to ask of you,
Let’s ask for love for a lifetime..!!

The defeat has got a wish for victory,
Got cold air in hot weather,
You came, sir.
Like the pain got some medicine..!!

dua shayari in hindi

dua shayari in hindi
dua shayari in hindi

They came to meet us one evening to remove the loneliness,
And we understood this the effect of our prayers..!!

Issues have happened,
Now I feel ashamed while praying..!!

The truth is that prayer did not keep medicine,
The wind of your arm kept us alive..!!

Don’t know who has read the prayer in my favor,
Today my health is a bit relaxed..!!

Ask us also, sometimes our heart is ours,
Sometimes we can also say that it is your blessings..!!

What do you get if you ask a thousand times?
Prayer is the one that ever comes out of the heart..!!

What more should I ask from God in Ulfat-e-Yar,
It is a prayer that you should not be a fan of prayers..!!

You understand me the thread of your vow,
I am the custom of your prayers to be fulfilled..!!

May God make such an impact in my prayers,
Give me a look at his pain.
Remove the feeling of distance from the hearts, O Maula,
Otherwise, shroud his lap of mine..!!

Every time my prayer comes back empty,
Know at what height God lives..!!

Best Dua Shayari Hindi

Do Shayari Hindi
Best Dua Shayari Hindi

Your love was wanted, so spread your hands,
Otherwise we didn’t even pray for our life..!!

If you find me, that’s enough.
My every breath has asked only this prayer,
Know why the heart is pulled towards you,
Have you also prayed to get me..!!

A palanquin is made in the moonlight of the moon,
And we have decorated this palanquin with great love,
I wish you to walk a little slowly,
My friend has had a very sweet sleep..!!

No road in life should be easy,
No one needs his own special identity,
We ask for only one prayer every day from God,
I want a sweet smile on your face..!!

Just a prayer that the moments in which all of me,
You smile, those moments never end..!!

Whom you don’t appreciate
Believe me some people are asking him in prayers..!!

How wonderful is the beauty of bowing your head,
Keep your head on the earth and the prayer is accepted in the sky..!!

Keeps love in heart and smile on lips,
We pray day and night to get you..!!

Prayers do not have color but,
When it brings colors, colors are filled in life too..!!

What is not in your Ikhtiyar, give me such a reward,
May my prayers be accepted that there is no prayer on my lips..!!

I pray that I get that love,
If I separate myself then I will have nothing left..!!

2 line dua shayari with images

Dua Shayari
2 line dua shayari with images

Faith and prayer are not visible but,
Makes the impossible possible..!!

If you wanted your love, then spread your hands or else,
We don’t even pray for our life..!!

Prayer is asked from the heart,
If it is not accepted with the tongue, then it is also there.
Who doesn’t have a tongue..!!

We wanted you to be yours or anyone else,
We pray that God does not love you,
Anytime anyone else..!!

to give to someone,
Dua is also a better gift..!!

God has asked for only one prayer from you,
Always keep my life safe..!!

If you get prayers, this is enough.
Medicines are available on paying the price..!!

This is what I asked in every prayer,
May his every prayer be accepted..!!

In front of the words of the faithful,
Let us carry the lamp in front of the wind,
Has arisen whenever the hands have changed fates,
I am compelled even in front of my prayers..!!

I prayed that God would come in our hearts.
Till when will we see them in dreams..!!

There are thousands of abs, I do not have any talent, of course,
You turn my every shortcoming into a virtue,
My Maula is a person like a salty sea,
You make it a sweet lake with your mercy..!!

prayer shayari

dua shayari hindi
prayer shayari

What seems to be an easy journey in difficult roads,
This seems to be the effect of my mother’s and father’s prayers..!!

Where I have nothing but your memories,
Nothing but the things passed in the heart,
Wherever you are always be happy,
Nothing but prayers on my lips..!!

We did not say that no one should pray for you,
It just says that no one should ask you in prayer..!!

If the prayer is not accepted,
Understand it’s time to try..!!

You have a lovely morning like flowers,
So many prayers are accepted by us..!!

Don’t know who reads prayers in my favor,
Even if I drown, the sea bounces..!!

Those who include others in their prayers,
First of all happiness knocks on their door..!!

Pray that I can get it man,
I have heard that in the prayers of friends there is a voice of angels..!!

Every morning you keep smiling, every evening you keep humming,
It is my prayer that whoever you meet, every person who meets you should keep on remembering you..!!

Always be safe the city in which you have lived,
We pray to the whole city for your sake..!!

Whenever I see someone’s smiling face,
I pray they never fall in love..!!

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