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Dil Shayari

Dil Shayari
Dil Shayari

Now it will be the one who will make a heart,
Will see what happens later..!!

Sometimes ask us too Hal a heart,
Sometimes we can also say that it is your blessings..!!

Now I have no power on my heart,
Ever since it settled, there is someone else in it..!!

There was not a single moment of rest in all the ages,
The heart I got was of no use,
The buds were blooming, every flower was fresh,
But none of the flowers were in my name..!!

O heart, don’t love anyone so much,
You will not be able to bear the pain found in love,
Will be broken and scattered by the hands of loved ones,
Who broke it will not even be able to tell anyone..!!

I will not give you any time to get separated,
I will keep you engaged in yu things for the rest of my life..!!

You need the body a lot,
What is the use of false desires?
I had given my heart to you.
What is the use of defaming now..!!

Argument from books or put myself in front,
She is asking me who is called love..!!

Why doesn’t this pain stop like nameless,
Why doesn’t what has passed?
That same face is not all where I am,
Why does the one who is far away not get down from the heart..!!

Everything in the heart is still the same today,
Of course you don’t have my right.
Seeing you changed the scene,
You are not mine even though you are mine..!!

Best Dil Shayari in Hindi

Dil Shayari in Hindi
Dil Shayari in Hindi

I am getting lost somewhere in silence.
And looking at my heart, I started smiling slowly..!!

The breaker would get hurt in his hand,
If this heart was made of glass..!!

When Hal-e-Dil will be narrated,
He will be called again by my name..!!

The heart remains troubled for them,
We are nothing for whom..!!

Whoever has created a bad condition in love,
At the same time it says that what is kept in love..!!

I will settle with you,
Just you stay in my heart..!!

You only tell my heart that how should I explain to you,
How can you bring close to whomever you want,
Just like every wish, every feeling is mine,
But how can I give this feeling to that feeling..!!

Since when you have not rained like water,
Heart is dry land, see since when..!!

Don’t cry over the wounds of your heart, my friend
Time is the healer of every wound,
The one who truly loves from the heart,
Even God is crazy about him..!!

Then there was a spectacle in his street today,
I him, that me and people keep looking at us..!!

Khubsurat Dil Shayari Hindi

Dil Shayari Hindi
Khubsurat Dil Shayari Hindi

Everyone gives consolation to the heart,
But no one gives support..!!

This is what I have known so far in the journey of life,
The hand of wishes is often held by compulsions..!!

I am alone, come to support me,
Life is incomplete without you I have come to complete it,
I guess you don’t love me
Come again to love false..!!

Neither is the picture of you that should be shown,
Neither are you, the love that should be with me,
What pain have you given me, O Sanam,
Nothing to be said nor you remain without..!!

Your memory is enough to live
Only you are left in this heart,
You have forgotten us with your heart,
But we are still looking for you..!!

Who knows how to write poetry, poetry is created by itself.
When the heart is full, the pen moves by itself..!!

We vowed to support them,
Still we stumbled..!!

Heart is broken inside
But I am alive like shameless..!!

Made worthy of waiting in lakhs,
The heart you saw turned into a heart,
Where were these proud before, this Ishwa-o-Ada,
Give blessings to the heart, you have made a murderer..!!

Then the request of the same heart, then the same request of his,
Then the same mischief, then the same mistake of mine..!!

My becoming like before is probably also postponed because
The one I loved is no longer even with him..!!

Hindi Dil Shayari 2 Line

Dil Shayari
Hindi Dil Shayari 2 Line

The respect for him increased in the heart then,
When she said I can leave you, not my parents..!!

Why do people go back on keeping promises?
Why do people torment someone’s heart?
If you cannot fulfill your heart,
Then why do people put their hearts..!!

My heart doesn’t feel like now without you
Have started living in silence without you,
Come back soon
Otherwise I will not be able to live without you..!!

You have been given your favors,
Now you are handed over to us..!!

How can my heart be angry with him,
For whom this heart beats..!!

half a heart without your heart,
If you get half your heart, then only you will come to live it..!!

Don’t know how many gatherings are in his heart,
One who is sitting alone is not called lonely..!!

If there is animosity in the heart, then openly insult,
I am such a person, still I will meet you with a laugh..!!

There was only one reason to live,
There was only one reason to die,
But this heart for that heart,
Better to die..!!

The day also falls, the night also falls,
But we do not get to know about them because of our recent heart..!!

loneliness reminds you,
But the gathering brings only loneliness..!!

shayari on heart

heart shayari hindi
shayari on heart

Don’t care about living anymore, there is no fear of dying,
I am just restless ever since I made a face home..!!

After getting as much consolation as he is,
It hurts so much after going away from it..!!

There is no love from Surat,
love is from the heart,
Appearance looks lovely by itself,
Appreciate those who are in the heart..!!

Don’t cross the border of this heart,
My heart is too delicate not to attack it,
Have trusted you more than myself,
Don’t waste this trust..!!

There is only a small wish for this heart-e-nadan,
Somebody wants to be so proud of himself..!!

Everything in the heart is still the same today,
Of course you don’t have my right.
Seeing you changed the scene,
You are not mine even though you are mine..!!

Ever since he’s settled in the heart,
Since then he has also settled in his heart..!!

We put our heart to the chest, could not become our own,
You smiled and saw your heart become yours..!!

Will remove the thorns of the path from the eyelids,
Flowers will we lay down our hearts,
We will never let this love break,
In return we will destroy ourselves..!!

You are the one who has even considered my love as false,
When no one is found, then you have to go for yourself..!!

With my eyes injured my heart,
You are tearing down by showing grace,
I have stitched a lot of loyalties,
You are leaving the agony..!!

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