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couple shayari

couple shayari
best couple shayari

Have learned to love, there is no place for hatred,
It’s only you, there is no one else in this heart..!!

The tales of my evening are based on your attitude,
You are silently praying for love..!!

Getting lost in the clouds in your swirls of wraps,
To be drowned in your eyes again..!!

The story of this heart is also very strange
With great difficulty it is lucky
don’t be happy when someone comes near
But going away hurts a lot..!!

Staying like this is my habit in your thoughts
Some say love, some say it is worship..!!

Couple Shayari in Hindi

I am always desperate in your remembrance
Don’t sleep all night in your memory often
make excuse for body pain
We cry often in your memory..!!

Don’t sit silent like this, you seem alien,
If there is no sweet talk, then let’s fight only..!!

I will sacrifice this heart on your one smile,
Don’t mind, come and steal your heart,
Never let tears flow from these eyes,
If you say so, I will bear all your sorrows..!!

Sit in front, the heart will come to an agreement,
The more you see, the more you will love..!!

The day passes by talking about you,
Night passes by remembering you..!!

love couple shayari with image

Couple Shayari in Hindi
not couple shayari

Hiding and watching your picture,
Something has happened to your hero..!!

Your eyes do wonders too
Ask me personal questions..!!

Love is enough for you to live,
You don’t need breath..!!

I smile often even in anger after hearing your name,
If you have so much love for your name, how much will you think..!!

To say that my heart is one,
But the one who has given heart is one in a thousand..!!

new couple shayari

Too much friendship has become too much love,
Now get all the two permissions, my friend
I don’t know why my heart breaks again and again,
I say goodbye now you are the last time..!!

Everyone has a heart,
But not all are hearted..!!

If you write, then write the message like this,
Even the pen should be forced to cry.
Fill that pain in every shame,
Be forced to fall in love..!!

I am proud of the luck that you are with me,
Your love is the word of every poem of ours.
There is no limit to our love,
Why are we angry with God because we met late..!!

Change can hide the moon, not the sky
We can forget everyone but not you
Don’t know what is the relation of heart with you,
Can’t forget to beat your name..!!

Couple Shayari 2021

not couple shayari
love couple shayari

I am eager to talk to you every moment,
How can I tell you how much I love you,
Staying away from you is no longer in our bus,
I take permission from you to love you dear..!!

You never asked the question that was important,
And whose answer you always found funny..!!

Doubt is justified in love,
Sanam and ruth are also bound to happen,
He is sitting silently waiting for you,
Because he is still in love with you..!!

Laughing is their habit,
And it is my habit to see them..!!

I have tested so many loyalties,
Then somewhere in the result he became me..!!

best couple shayari

There was no news that when you came in my heart,
Sitting in my eyes, my sleep was blown away..!!

The meaning of this love is like this,
Tell me, how is this secret?
Who says you’re like the moon,
The truth is that the moon itself is like you..!!

Flowers bloom, springs end,
Love is young only in such weather,
The words of the heart are not spoken with the lips,
This illusion is revealed through the eyes..!!

I don’t want your life with me
Rather, as long as you are with me, life is needed..!!

I wish to be with you every moment,
No matter how many breaths I take, your name is on my every breath..!!

romantic couple shayari

couple shayari
cute couple shayari

May I be a goddess of love or should I call you a bandgi,
Don’t feel bad if you don’t mind then I can call you life..!!

What if I don’t get my destination
But my journey was very pleasant..!!

Don’t keep your relationship by remembering me at your leisure,
Tell us that we are definitely lonely but not useless..!!

It was a story of two words,
To say he spent his whole life,
Now he asked his whereabouts,
Gave her heart to stay..!!

If friends are far away, life becomes silent,
The breath goes on but the heartbeat stops,
Every moment, every moment only reminds of him,
Where is his separation in words?

cute couple shayari

Broken hearts do not separate again and again,
Gulshan is not fed on the sand of the desert.
No matter how hard you try to meet again and again,
Two hearts never meet in the fire of hatred..!!

How to make my love whole with words,
How to hear your name hidden in the beats,
Your memory is guarded even in loneliness,
How will you find yourself alone now..!!

How can I tell how is he doing?
That one person is like the whole universe..!!

That’s not fun in any corner of the world,
Who enjoys sleeping in the lap of his life..!!

Whom the heart chooses for the first love,
Whether it is your own or not, the secret of the heart remains with him..!!

shayari for couple

couple shayari hindi
best shayari for couple

He hid in the sheet of my soul like this,
If the soul comes out, he comes out, if he comes out, then the soul comes out..!!

There is a depth in the ocean of the heart,
Missed you from that depth,
the day we forget you
Understand that our death has come..!!

love their memories
Millions of births spend on him,
If he meets you on the way, then tell him,
We are still waiting for them..!!

I don’t know why even after seeing you
I want to see you only..!!

Whether it is love or worship, nothing is understood now,
You are a beautiful thought that does not go from the heart..!!

not couple shayari

Breathe is my life and my love is also mine,
But you need to complete everything..!!

Don’t ask how much I love you
Just know that I just do it to you and I do it unknowingly..!!

Neither gulfam nor salam is needed,
Neither need any message of Mubarak,
One who gets blown away after drinking it,
Labs want such jam..!!

wants to make you sit on the eyelids
I want to cling to your arms
You are waiting for beauty
Wants to settle you in life..!!

He who is one in a million, isn’t he?
You are the only one for me..!!

last word

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