[50+] Beautiful Shayari in Hindi (2022)


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beautiful poetry

beautiful poetry
beautiful poetry

As a child, I used to think that I should touch the moon,
Seeing you, that wish kept going..!!

How far should I write a fresh sher everyday for you,
Every day a new thing happens in you..!!

I have controlled the senses-e-hawas,
What if I lost my senses after seeing them..!!

The grated arrow will be a little careful of beauty,
If the eye kills the eye, the murderer will not tell us..!!

His lips are like the tahrirs written in his books,
Keep a finger, then he lives to read further..!!

What will these mirrors be able to give you about your personality,
Ever come to our eyes and ask how wonderful you are..!!

Don’t ask about their beauty.
It’s just a picture after seeing the picture..!!

It’s a disaster, that pride is also a guess, but,
I die on whom that pay is something else..!!

What do I care about the Eids of the world,
May our moon be seen, may we have Eid..!!

Don’t let this make you crazy too,
By not seeing your own picture in loneliness..!!

beautiful shayari in hindi

beautiful shayari in hindi
beautiful shayari in hindi

Should I write your praise in one line,
Even if you see water, you will become thirsty..!!

How to describe the simplicity of your lover,
The curtain was from us but the eyes were also on us..!!

Age has passed but no one like you was found,
People just say that God is found by searching..!!

We were blown away seeing their eyes,
Don’t know how they would have seen the mirror..!!

How wonderful is your style,
If I see you, my heart beats, if I don’t see you, I get worried..!!

The swoon that you put on me by taking a bang,
This act of kaafir just killed me..!!

The eyes of the fairies, the eyes of the gizzlies
May the need to demand that everything belongs to these people..!!

When has love become good by showing beauty,
She took our life by applying kajal..!!

We were ready to listen to namaz pe zirk-e-hoor,
Seeing the jalwa fetishes, the intention changed..!!

What were you looking at in the mirror now,
Then you say that you have not seen the nature of God..!!

shayari for beautiful girl

shayari for beautiful girl
shayari for beautiful girl

Don’t tie the knots kissing the wind,
These mad winds are angry..!!

What can be learned from sleep that does not come overnight,
It is the fault of the face that does not let you sleep..!!

I don’t like the face of anyone other than you now.
It has become customary to see and keep seeing you..!!

Why do you bathe on the river in moonlit nights,
What should be the fire in the sleeping water..!!

Who should not die on this simplicity, O God,
Fight and don’t even have a sword in hand..!!

You are not the reality, you are laughing,
Whatever wealth you get in your dreams,
Why do you look at the mirror,
You are more beautiful than God..!!

Don’t look this way now
I will decorate the eyelashes of Ghazal,
My words are my mirror,
Take you down in the mirror..!!

Had to see with cool eyes, if the desire was to try,
We used to faint like this, what was the need to smile..!!

He could not hide himself in the mask,
Unnecessarily our eyes got blamed..!!

Some words may have fallen short in your praise,
Otherwise we were not less than any Ghalib..!!

shayari on beautiful face

poetry on beauty
shayari on beautiful face

What is the need of grooming the people of beauty,
They keep the glory of doom even in simplicity..!!

Very beautiful are delicate, what do these lips say about them,
As if petals are like a rose..!!

If the moon stops, it is like the wind,
That person is like a shadow even in the sun..!!

When you get angry, you look even more beautiful,
Just thinking of this has kept you angry..!!

When has love become good by showing beauty,
She took our life by applying kajal..!!

You liked it so we told,
The loss is that you have become proud..!!

Control your heartbeat, my heart, now I have bowed my eyelids,
It is yet to smile by pressing the lips under the teeth..!!

O Sanam, who has given you a moon-like appearance,
The same Allah has given me love too..!!

Do not look at yourself with your own eyes,
A shining diamond will also look like a stone to you,
Everyone would say that you are a piece of the moon,
From my eyes the moon will look like your piece..!!

Beauty is neither in the appearance nor in the dress,
This is just a game of bloodthirsty eyes, whoever wants to make him beautiful..!!

It was a great desire to see love exposed,
The scarf that moved then the sliver became the wall..!!

poetry on beauty

shayari on beautiful face
shayari on beauty in hindi

The heart must have been beating in his chest too.
The beauty will also change a hundred colors,
Whenever his eyes would rise,
God will also be able to fall after falling..!!

Some dishes are colorful, some you are beautiful,
Should I praise or keep quiet, both the crimes are serious..!!

This thing, this Tabassum, this pride, these eyes,
After all, tell me why don’t you want me..!!

These flying swirls and this scattered smile,
If I take care of one style, the other blows my senses..!!

What a beauty it was that I saw with my eyes a thousand times,
Still, the eyes remained haunted-e-deedar..!!

The call arises again and again for your sight,
Don’t know when you have become an addiction..!!

The trick is cool, the eye is cool, the fun in the pay,
When he comes to the looted makhana..!!

Saying this, Sitgar shocked the swirls,
The world is not troubled for a long time..!!

Look at their plot to kill us.
When it passed, the veil was removed from the face..!!

What to say in purdah-e-lutf, oppression-o-sitm
Hi Zalim, what can you say about your Andaz-e-Karam..!!

When he said like the moon, he started insulting,
Said the moon, say no, what is the moon..!!

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