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[50+] Barish Shayari in Hindi (SEP 2021) | बारिश शायरी

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Barish Shayari

Barish Shayari
Barish Shayari

I want every single moment of my life like this,
Rain filled with love and you want company..!!

There is no color in rain water,
Still makes the fiza colorful..!!

In these drops of rain we hide our tears,
We bury the story of our love in a smile..!!

A rain like this doesn’t hurt me now that,
Humsafar is not mine but someone else’s..!!

This cloud will also go away with the wind, but
It has come to my city, now you will have to get wet..!!

Every Sawan has its own tarana,
There is a treasure of memories in every drop,
To say it is only rain water,
But for someone this is all life..!!

We will get wet with just one you,
I am looking for that rain..!!

If you step into the township of poets,
That more rain falls in their heart than my city..!!

It is raining cold in the black sky,
I am smiling staying and you are being requested..!!

If it used to rain earlier, I used to remember,
Now when you remember it rains..!!

Barish Shayari in Hindi

Barish Shayari in Hindi
Barish Shayari in Hindi

This rainy season and your memory
Let’s meet again with a cup of tea..!!

May the weather on your face be very pleasant,
I’ll take some fun if it doesn’t feel bad..!!

I want to be an eyewitness to the raindrops,
I want to have a sip of tea with you..!!

Come, you too sometimes in the harsh sun,
In the form of rain that soothes the soul..!!

This is the only difference between you and my city’s rain,
You have jams here, I have jams here..!!

Tell these rains, there is no need to be so kind,
Here our desires are getting drowned..!!

Some would want these rain drops,
Otherwise who falls on this earth after reaching the sky..!!

May your beauty be with you and it rains unseasonably,
Who will buy the umbrella then it rains as much..!!

Friendship with these rains is not good, Faraz
Raw is your house, take care of something..!!

The fragrance of their meeting had risen,
Soundhi Khushboo had rained, neither did the soil..!!

Shayari on Barish

rain shayari
Shayari on Barish

Don’t do love to me,
Nights get wet without rain..!!

The sky was crying with me,
And he was fond of bathing in the rain..!!

The lovers understand the point of the eyes,
If you meet in dreams, then you understand the meeting,
If you cry, the sky is also for your lost love,
But people consider it as rain..!!

Have you made a spectacle, if you have to rain a-rain, then it’s raining,
Anyway, so much drizzle happens everyday in my eyes..!!

I come out of the house wearing compulsions nowadays,
Otherwise the hobby is still there to get wet in the rain..!!

These light and cold winds, this rainy season,
I live in you full, why do you live in me less..!!

I wish someone like this comes in my life,
Even if I cried in the rain, he would have read my tears..!!

Don’t know why you just remembered
What changed the weather, the rain also came,
I touched and saw the drops,
Your picture is visible in every drop..!!

Some intoxication is of your words, some intoxication is of slow rain,
Don’t think you’re crazy
This effect on the heart is of the first meeting..!!

Like this, there was a lot of wishes for rain to the heart,
From now on, all the intentions have been washed away by tears..!!

Best Barish Shayari in Hindi

rain shayari
Best Barish Shayari in Hindi

O rain, you did not rain so much that it could not come,
And after his arrival so many years that he could not go..!!

Now it’s raining from me,
My sleep cries from the corners of the eyelids..!!

Love is the rain that I want to touch
The palms get wet but the hands remain empty..!!

The intoxication of the first rain is something different,
Touching the eyelids directly affects the heart..!!

The weather is rainy and miss you
Only your voice comes from every drop of rain..!!

We will get wet in this rain,
Flowers of desire will bloom in the heart,
If the heart wants to meet then remember,
It will rain like rain..!!

If there is such a passion for getting wet,
Look in the rain or not in my eyes,
Rain is for everyone
But these eyes rain only for you..!!

Rain and love are both memorable,
The body gets wet in the rain and the eyes in love..!!

Let me not slip somewhere while walking in your thoughts,
Hold on to your memories It is raining in my city..!!

We know you’ve seen the raindrops,
But in my eyes this Sawan still loses..!!

A rain going somewhere else and making it rain,
My heart is very weak, I cry over the matter..!!

rain shayari

rain shayari hindi
rain shayari

Just wait, if the rain stops, then go away,
I don’t like anyone touching you..!!

There is drizzle but Sawan is missing,
There are children but childhood is missing,
What has happened, friends of the era,
Yours is there but your belonging is missing..!!

This was the conspiracy of the sky for a long time,
Today his wish was fulfilled,
Get wet by remembering your loved ones,
Happy first rain of the year to you..!!

The land of my heart has been barren for years,
I am still waiting for the rain..!!

Whenever this rainy season comes,
I miss you always,
We will not remember you in this season, we have thought that,
But then thought how we will be able to stop the rain..!!

The cloud of rain is crazy, what do you know?
Which path has to be avoided, which roof has to be soaked..!!

Even if he came in front of me during the rainy season,
My tears were flowing and he mistook it for rain..!!

Gham-e-rains not because you left,
But because we forgot ourselves..!!

Now it’s raining from me,
My sleep cries from the corners of the eyelids..!!

Rain is pleasant and love is old,
Whenever I get it looks like new..!!

Come to our city it is always raining,
Sometimes clouds rain, sometimes eyes rain..!!

last word

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