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The very famous poet Dr Allama Iqbal was born on 9 November 1877 in Punjab, Pakistan and died on 21 April 1938.

You have come here in search of Dr. Allama Iqbal Shayari. can also do.

best allama iqbal shayari in hindi

allama iqbal poetry

Make yourself proud so much that before every fate,
Ask God himself, tell me what is your raza..!!

I want to know about your love, what do I want to see my simplicity,
I have told about the secret in the filled buzz, I am very proud and want punishment..!!

I am tired of the gatherings of the world or Lord,
Do you enjoy when Anjuman’s heart has been extinguished..!!

Neither this world nor that world of your free men,
Restriction to die here Restriction to live there..!!

Make me fall in love with you,
Make my sky a firefly and fly away..!!

Believe that I am not worthy of your attention,
You see my hobby and wait for me..!!

Whatever the eye sees, the lab cannot come,
I am surprised what the world will become..!!

Andaz-e-bayan garche is not very good,
Maybe it will go down in your heart..!!

I want the history of your love,
What do I want to see my simplicity,
Happy Jannat to the Zahids
that I want to face you..!!

Happy Jannat to the Zahids
that I want to face you..!!

allama iqbal poetry in hindi

Someone’s memory has filled the chest with wounds
Now every single breath is doubtful that it will be the last..!!

Wherever there are others beyond the stars,
Now there are more tests of love,
Do not get these benefits from your life,
There are hundreds more caravans here..!!

We are not oppressed by the void,
You have tested us a hundred times..!!

I started crying and saying Dard-e-Dil,
He turned his face and started smiling..!!

Who will remember us in this round of selfishness,
The condition is such that people do not remember God..!!

Everyone knows how to drop by drinking intoxicants,
It’s fun to be able to hold the fallen..!!

Even with love, I have sympathy with Maqbool,
Tell me who will ask for the love of love..!!

There is a unique reason that is unique from all the times,
Which township Ya-Rab are these lovers from..!!

What a strange thing you have done, you have also destroyed me,
I was the only secret in Sina-e-Kainat..!!

Your Imam is be-huzoor, your prayer is un-surroor,
Passed through such prayers, passed through such Imam..!!

Best Allama Iqbal Shayari

In the love of Saki, the heart became so pure,
When I bow my head the mirror is visible..!!

You will stop me, O Nakhuda, from being wrong.
That those who want to drown, drown in the souls..!!

Everything is available to everyone,
What moon stars what chicken oh mahi..!!

That rind could not be seen in my eyes,
The one who is smart and imiyas in fun..!!

Sajda Khaliq should also be married to Iblis,
In laughter, from whom did you ask for the stitch of love..!!

For thousands of years, Nargis weeps over her innocence,
It is with great difficulty that the bride and groom are born in Chaman..!!

It is not about worshipers, it is about khuloos-e-heart, Iqbal,
There is no drunkard in every Maikhana and Namazi in every mosque..!!

The decision of the heart is made by the eyes of the eye,
If there is no happiness in the eyes then what is Dilbari..!!

All where good India is ours,
We are the bubbles that these gulsitans are ours..!!

Whatever I have been adorning my head, sometimes it starts coming from the ground, always,
Tira dil to hai sanam-ashna what will you get in prayer..!!

Dr. Allama Iqbal Shayari

And it increases the pain,
Giving comfort to the people through you..!!

Ishq in Atish-e-Namrood jumped in danger,
There is wisdom now..!!

Shabnam falls in the garden in the morning, that’s why
Let me tell you about your leaves..!!

We have made loneliness our own,
A heap of ashes has buried Sholo..!!

Whatever comes out of the heart has an effect,
But not the strength-e-parwaz but keeps it..!!

Iqbal was wonderful even during my childhood days.
Was innocent and also innocent..!!

Whatever comes out of the heart has an effect,
But he doesn’t have power but keeps it..!!

Jaffa that happens in love is not Jaffa
If it is not there then there is no fun in love..!!

Everyone knows how to drop by drinking intoxicants,
It is fun when it is possible to hold the fallen..!!

Make yourself so high that before every fate,
Ask God himself, tell me what is your raza..!!

poetry of allama iqbal

Who says this, God is not visible,
That is what is visible when nothing is visible..!!

Mosque was built in the whole of Shab, by the people of God’s faith,
Mind is its old sinner, could not become a Namazi in years..!!

Erase your personality if you need some time,
That the grain gets mixed together in the sky..!!

I do not agree that I should get firdaus in return for worshipers.
I pray dearly, I am not your laborer..!!

Neither this world nor that world of your free men,
Restriction to die here Restriction to live there..!!

Well, I had gone to heaven to ask God.
Seeing Karbo Bala, the destiny changed..!!

It is imperative to have God in the heart, Iqbal.
Staying in sajd does not get heaven..!!

If the heart is not pure, then the human cannot be pure,
Otherwise, Iblis also used to come to Wudu for a lot..!!

There is no closure in the buildings of hearts,
People search for God in stone mosques..!!

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