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[40+] I Love You Shayari in Hindi (SEP 2021)

Do you i love you shayari Looking for 2021? so read i love you shayari in hindi and share with Girlfriend, Wife and Boyfriend, Husband

i love you shayari

i love you shayari
i love you shayari

I can fight the whole world with one hand,
Your hand should be in my other hand only..!! I love you

I don’t know how there was so much space for you in my heart.
Every little desire of your mind became the reason for my living..!!

It was just that you looked good,
Now the matter has increased so much that no one feels good except you..!!
Love You Meri Jaan

You are my unique love,
You are the new identity of life,
Say I LOVE U and look once,
You are the wish of my life..!!

Hide your pain slowly,
Say I LOVE U and hug me slowly..!!

i love you shayari in hindi

The sun asked God for light, the moon asked God for moonlight,
The Lord asked us what do you want? We just asked for your happiness in prayer..!!
I Love you dear

I want to say one thing today,
In this beautiful weather let me say I love you..!!

You have to say I love you by doing,
Holding hands your whole life has to be with you..!!

Everyone can love by achieving,
Wanting someone without achieving anyone ask us..!!
love you darling

Never see your smile,
May my life get all the happiness of the world..!!

i love you shayari 2021

i love you shayari in hindi
i love you shayari 2021

Never thought someone would fall in love so much,
That without talking to him will not be left..!!
I really love you

Your I LOVE U is a gift to me,
There is nothing bigger in this world than that..!!

By expressing love, she makes such a place in my heart,
Like a fish settles its house in water..!!

It was the fault of these eyes,
The one who looked silently,
We were determined to remain silent.
But the unfaithful one was expressing this tongue..!!

To be drowned in your love, if there is a letter, then the letter is right,
I have to do this beautiful letter, if you want the result, the punishment is right..!!

i love you shayari image photo

When love happened and how it happened, I don’t know anything.
It is only from you and will remain with you..!!

I love you speaking like this don’t make me cry,
Don’t torment me like this by staying away,
You know how much I want
Don’t be deceived by your sweet words..!!

Sometimes the season of the heart becomes happy,
You should also fall in love with me for a moment..!!

Your anger is also so sweet,
K.G. keeps troubling you only..!!
Honey I love you

Can’t get lost after finding you, can’t cry away
You will always be my love,
Because now we can’t belong to anyone else..!!

i love you shayari 2 lines

i love you shayari
i love you shayari in hindi

Lord did not just write you in my luck,
He also knows how much I love you..!!
I Love you dear

I get lost by clinging to your heartbeat
I will go to sleep in your sisters-in-law by saying I LOVE U slowly..!!

I LOVE U only for you, you are love only for me,
Don’t forget anyone
You are only mine, never belong to anyone else..!!

I have only one wish, you are my every effort,
Don’t know why I get helpless on seeing you it becomes love..!!

One act of stealing your heart,
A tribute to settle in your heart,
And a face like your moon,
One stubbornness to get our moon..!!

i love you shayari for girlfriend

There is love between you, we just don’t know how to say,
Just know that I can’t live without you..!!
love you my dear wife

You are crazy about your name, there is no denying that,
How to say we don’t love you
Some fault is due to your claims,
We alone are not guilty..!!

Whether you are in the lines of the hands or not,
Only you will remain in my heart for the rest of my life..!!
I love you

Do you know what is the difference between your smile and my smile?
You smile happy, I smile seeing you happy..!!
I love you my darling

you will be anything to someone,
You need me to live my life and my life..!!
go i love you

i love you shayari for wife

i love you shayari hindi
i love you shayari image photo

I want to say I love you, but I do not know where to say,
I grumble in my own mind, I don’t know why I don’t know..!!

He has the problem that he smiles at everyone,
Those idiots don’t understand that we see them in every face..!! I love you

Neither the desire for the moon, nor the desire for the stars,
You met in 7 births, this is the only wish..!!
love you darling

i love you shayari for boyfriend

I will play my heart with love,
As long as I am alive and only I want you..!!
Love You Meri Jaan

You ask me for everything, you are all sacrificed,
Don’t ask for just one life, because you are my life..!!
love you darling

You deny me, I agree with you,
You are angry with me, I want you,
You are sad with me, I am happy with you,
You hate me and I love you..!!

His love and my anger are the same,
Neither my anger diminishes nor his love..!!
i love you crazy

i love you shayari for husband

Life will not get you any partner,
You are the one who will play with you till you die..!!

There is laughter on the face, tears come in the eyes
When you call me your own pride comes on you..!! Love you

Loves me a lot, but does not agree,
Is she crazy or naive, why doesn’t she express it?
In English it says “I LOVE YOU”
Says in Urdu I don’t love you..!!

last word

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