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{25 Best} Jai Hanuman Status in Hindi With Images – #1 Top Quotes & Status

Find the best here jai hanuman status in hindi Collection for Tuesday and Saturday. craving to keep Hanuman ji Status It is increasing day by day. But having Hanuman status in Hindi is very important. we are going to share a lot hanuman ji status with image in hindi Here. By the way, we have already shared Mahakal status, if you want, you can see it and also Shri Ram status in Hindi.

Hanuman ji is such a great devotee, like whom there is hardly any other devotee. It is best to worship such a great devotee of Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman. We can share our devotion and our state of mind through Hanuman ji Status on WhatsApp and Facebook etc. You can share these statuses on Mangalwal and Saturday, which is considered to be Hanuman ji’s war on this day and say good morning to them.

By sharing this status, you can tell your devotion towards Lord Hanuman to the people, that you are also a great Hanuman devotee. So let us read this Jai Hanuman Status.

jai hanuman status

hanuman status

I stay away from the love of show,
That’s why I stay drunk with Shri Ram

I am a devotee of Rama, I am an incarnation of Rudra.
I am the red of Anjani, I am the time of the wicked
I am with the saints, I am the hope of the weak
I am the value of virtues, yes I am Hanuman.

adding tax to tax,
Karu Pranam to Bajrangbali
Keep the attention of Maruti Nandan every moment,
be successful all work
Jai Hanuman

hanuman status

Hanumanji is dearest to Ram
He is the most beautiful among devotees
In a moment you have burnt Lanka
Shri Ram has been reunited with Mata Sita.
#Hail to Lord Ram Hail to Lord Hanuman.

Where Hanuman is praised every moment,
Every work is done by applying vermilion to them.
Who has the trust of Anjani Dulare
They do bhajan of Hanuman Pyare..!!

jai hanuman status
jai hanuman status

Rama ascetic king of all,
The straws hinge gross you saja,
Whosoever comes to you with any desire,
Soi Amit Jeevan Phal Pavai
#Jai Hanuman..

Do not break the pearl from the garland,
Don’t turn your back on religion!
Very precious Jai Om Shri Ram’s name,
never stop saying jai shri ram
Jai Shri Ram🙏

hanuman status in hindi
hanuman status in hindi

The one who created this world is God
The one who removes the trouble is Hanuman
That’s why the whole world is angry
i love her bajrangi

Anjani’s red water, you are sandalwood,
O Mahabir calling you sorrow and sorrow,
All men and women of this world bow their heads,
Your name is big, all your virtues sing to you.

jai hanuman status in hindi

Hanuman ji Status in Hindi

mess with the devotees of Hanuman, and
Don’t riot in a crowded gathering or else
I’ll be naked at the crossroads and
I will send your ashes directly to the Ganges
Long live Rama

There is only such a story of mine,
We are the child, the one whose world is crazy…
Jai Hanuman
Long live Rama

Giver to the whole world, should I offer you an offering,
From whose name the fragrance comes, should I offer flowers to him?

You have given life, you will handle it too
No hope, believe…
You will get out of every difficulty

bajrang bali status

You wake up a ray of hope in a depressed heart
You narrate the name of Shri Ram ji to everyone.
There is stillness inside you like a mountain
There is the softness of the soft sunshine inside you

Those who have the boon of Shri Ram,
the mace bearer
Bajrangi whose identity is,
Sankat Mochan He is Hanuman

May the blessings of Ram ji shower upon him,
Those who spread flowers for everyone in the way,
Save your life from thorny thoughts.

No # count ke diya na # weigh ke diya,
Whatever my grandfather gave,
Hail to Lord Ram Hail to Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Ji Status Images

bajrang bali status in hindi

Even though he is sitting as an idol,
but stand by me
Whenever trouble comes upon me,
my hanuman ji fought before me
Hail to Lord Ram Hail to Lord Hanuman

Hanuman’s name is great,
Hanuman crosses the fleet,
One who chants the name Hanuman,
He was the same every day.
Happy Hanuman Jayanti

Those who have the boon of Shri Ram,
the mace bearer
Bajrangi whose identity is,
Sankat Mochan He is Hanuman.

maruti status in hindi

Whose roar roars Gagan sir
leave the sea shore,
Shake the whole world
When the slogan of Jai Shri Ram Veer Hanuman echoed
Hail to Lord Ram Hail to Lord Hanuman

oh hanuman you are the most unique
Whose fun is it to meet your eyes
Anjani Ke Lal swallowed the sun in a moment
Seeing you, the idol should run away.

Don’t be discouraged if no one supports you
Because there is no greater journey than God
Jai bajarangabalee

jai hanuman status in hindi
jai hanuman status in hindi

O Bajrangi, everything is done by your worship,
Ignorance is far away as soon as you come at the rate
Meditation is done at the feet of Ram ji.
Everything bad happens because of their philosophy.
Jai Hanuman

The creator of the world is called God.
The one who overcomes trouble is called Hanuman.
Even the gods in heaven greet him,
Those who worship Hanuman ji every moment
Jai Hanuman ji…

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