100+ Sad Status in Hindi – मनोदशा व्यक्त करने वाले सैड स्टेट्स

people who fail in love sad love status searches for. for facebook or whatsapp sad status in hindi, sad status images want etc. People who have fallen in love feel very happy but if they breakup then it is quite unbearable. No one else can understand that pain except him.

Life is very short, friend should not be wasted like this by remembering someone. if you sad states If you were looking for then you will find here the best Sad Status and specially Lonely Love Sad Status which will express your mood very well. You can tell them how badly you are missing them by putting your status on Sad WhatsApp and Facebook Status and what they did to you was not right. We had also posted Love Status Videos earlier, you can see that too.

Sad Love Status Images In Hindi

heart touching sad status in hindi

It is very terrible, love is decorated,
Man dies momentarily but death does not come.

Don’t make me a toy for moments of leisure,
I am also human, I also feel pain.

sad status
sad status

sad status in hindi for life

Do you ever want to leave us?
So first let me tell you…
Because, all of a sudden, accidents kill you.

sad status for boys

I watched in silence for a few days,
Have even forgotten my name, come with me.

Even if I insult whom?
Here, your heart, your there, you are yours.

heart touching sad status in hindi

Our own people never make us cry,
Rather, they are crying
whom we understand
make a mistake

sad status for boys

They think I don’t feel pain,
Well what to increase the matter,
If not, it would not have happened.

sad status

Who can’t feel love,
Evidence of love is not presented to them

It’s just some time
Let me try it
She will cry out to me,
Just my time ️ then let it come…

heart touching sad status

sad status for girl

Just tell me what is my mistake,
What is my situation, you will never understand
Because you never loved me

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