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The army of our country has a different status in the whole world and where it comes to bravery and passion, the Indian Army is remembered and for Army Lovers, we have brought Army Shayari in Hindi and Attitude Army Shayari which you can read below. can.

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army shayari

army shayari

Let the blood of the enemy’s chest be shed through a rag,
That’s the fun of living as a soldier..!!

My country is my life
It is my honor to protect it,
This is the identity of Indian Army..!!

A life in which there is no patriotism,
Or the death of a person who is not wrapped in tricolor..!! -Jai Hind

Or the girl is lucky,
Whose husband should be military..!! -Jai Hind

Sometimes chill in the cold and see,
Sometimes look at the water in the scorching sun,
How is the country protected?
Sometime walk on the wall and see..!! -Jai Hind

Soldiers are also amazing in their small purse,
Keep your whole family hidden and the whole of India in your heart..!! -Jai Hind

I don’t want body or money
Just want this land full of peace,
As long as I live for this motherland,
And when I die, I want a tricolor shroud..!! -Jai Hind

Army is the pride of the country
Whose identity is zindadilli..!!

Don’t let the tricolor bow down,
Nor has he ever lost the war,
The heroes of Mother India,
The enemies have been killed selectively..!!

The player who does not fight the danger, what should he do?
But the one who does not kill the enemy even after his neck is severed, he should be a soldier..!! -Jai Hind

Indian Army Shayari

The one who hasn’t opened yet is not blood nor water.
Those who do not work for the country are useless youth..!! -Jai Hind

Every day the guards on the border have to die,
Even then, sitting in the house, some traitors feel scared..!! -Jai Hind

There is no summer in Kashmir, there is no winter in Mumbai,
We also go home and celebrate every festival,
If we didn’t have this uniform in our body..!!

We soldiers are the heartbeat of this country.
The love of every heart is the torment of the mother,
Friends, who went to fulfill every promise,
Now the countrymen are handed over to you..!!

Those with liver have nothing to do with fear,
We take steps even where there is no way..!!

Sir can be cut
But can’t bend..!!

no pain, no rest,
Life is just the name of the country..!!

If you go astray from your destination, how will you win?
If you fight with love at the age of success, how will you be able to become a soldier..!!

Freedom will never be dark,
The sacrifices of martyrs will never be defamed.
As long as there is even a drop of blood left,
Till then we will not allow Mother India’s Aanchal to be auctioned..!!

I have never bowed my head and I will never bow my head.
The one who lives on his own is the real life..!!

indian army shayari in hindi

army shayari in hindi

Because of which the whole country should sleep in peace,
He should be a soldier..!! -Jai Hind

If you ask for milk, you will give kheer.
If you ask for Kashmir, we will snatch Lahore too..!! -Jai Hind

We could sleep peacefully so he slept today,
He was a soldier who got martyred today..!!

We will come to hoist the tricolor,
Or will come wrapped in tricolor..!!

Salute to the tricolor on which I am proud,
Always keep your head high as long as there is life in your heart..!!

Who climbed up laughing and crucified,
Who ate the bullet in the chest,
We salute them
We all salute those who lost their country..!! -Jai Hind

Easy to be called a soldier
Awakening of emotion in the veins, iron had to be filled..!! -Jai Hind

Who has the courage to walk alone,
One day a whole convoy is behind them..!!

She protects the country by shedding her blood.
That’s why we are called Indian soldiers..!!

Better than all the world is our India,
We are the bubbles, those flowers are ours.
Parbat is the highest of us,
That orange of the sky is our passerby ours..!!

army shayari hindi

Come bow down and salute those in whose part this position comes,
How lucky are those people whose blood is used for the country..!!

Patriotism has become like a ritual, then sir,
Just people pay duty on dates..!! -Jai Hind

Bharat Mata, your heroes have selectively killed the enemies,
If we ask for milk, we will give kheer.
If you raise your finger on our Hindustan, you will rip it..!!

He is burning himself in the love of the country,
The condition for the country to die is being imposed by death..!!

A soldier is keeping his promise on the border,
He is paying the debt of love of mother earth..!!

Those with liver have nothing to do with fear,
We take steps even where there is no way..!!

Don’t look at your twisted mood, Pagli soldier’s heart is mine,
You have to establish a house of happiness and I have to go to the border..!!

Salute to the tricolor on which I am proud,
Sir, keep us high always as long as there is life in the heart..!!

If there is a time of sorrow, then there is a time of anger,
The one whose blood is boiling is the youth of India..!!

The point that has to be achieved, that point is yet to be reached,
Have to do one thing which is in the name of honey..!!

army shayari attitude

army shayari attitude

We can never take away our freedom,
The head can be chopped off, but the head cannot be bowed..!!

Leaving his home, who made the border his abode,
By keeping life on his palm, he has made the protection of the country his religion..!!

Not every girl wants to get married after the age of 18.
Some want to do something for their country too..!!

My pen becomes so aware of my feelings,
If I want to write love too, then Inquilab is written..!! -Jai Hind

There is light in our Diwali because,
Because someone is standing on the border in the dark..!! -Jai Hind

Those who stay awake the whole night, they must be the lovers of the whole night..!!
Some countries should come to Mitan Aale Fauji too..!! -Jai Hind

You attack secretly,
This is a sign of cowardice.
Will India not answer this?
Understanding this is your biggest folly..!!

May the lamp of patriotism keep burning in the hearts of all of us.
Serve the country till you live..!! -Jai Hind

Either how will I come to bury the tricolor,
Or how will I come wrapped in the tricolor..!! -Jai Hind

Why only men, women are also the pride of the country,
She gave birth to a brave soldier whose life is now in the name of the country..!!

Army Ki Shayari

What is the life in which there is no patriotism,
And what is the death in which the tricolor is not with you..!!

that give a sense of security,
Those who keep their lives on their palms take the responsibility of our safety..!! -Jai Hind

If our sleep will fly, then we will snatch away the chains of peace,
Right now only fire has rained from the sky,
If you see your eyes again, you will snatch the land too..!!

How will you win if you stray from your destination?
If you fight with love at the age of success, how will you be able to become a soldier..!!

What storm, what storm and what tsunami will strike against you,
Those who are standing as a hindrance today will salute you tomorrow..!!

Thanks for the winter masters and lecturers,
The farmer in the field and the jawan on the border are still the same..!! -Jai Hind

See, you will get every happiness that you will tell me,
But remember so much my first love will be my mother..!!

Even after death, in whose name there is life,
Such brave soldiers are the pride of our India.
Salute to those brave soldiers of the country..!! -Jai Hind

Even after death, in whose name there is life,
Such brave soldiers are the pride of our India..!! -Jai Hind

He is burning himself in the love of the body,
The condition for the country to die is being imposed by death..!! -Jai Hind

Fauji Shayari

Fauji Shayari

If there is mention of hero then,
The name will be of the heroes of Hindustan..!!

Where we and you are fighting on the difference between Hindu and Muslim,
Some people are dying in the snow of the border for the sake of both of us..!!

Everyone does love, everyone dies on Mehboob,
Look at the country as a lover, everyone will die on you..!!

People will remember the martyrs forever,
This will be the rest of the marks of those who die on their homeland..!!

Call it love or call it passion,
We get peace of life by protecting the country..!!

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