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1 line shayari in hindi

1 line shayari in hindi

very beautiful love
If the one who plays with you is true..!!

one you was enough,
To spend the whole life..!!

when it is needed,
So everyone’s tongue becomes sweet..!!

Always remember for the best days,
You have to fight through bad days..!!

Some lucky one will take
We will keep on loving you..!!

Whether you remember or not,
You remember remember this..!!

Aquarium fishes spend their whole life punishment for their beauty..!!

There should be courage, only life is there,
Can start from anywhere..!!

You can’t even understand
Relationship broke without knowing anything..!!

You are the only heir of my many wishes..!!

one line shayari in hindi

What happens if love remains unfulfilled?
We are totally ruined..!!

Makes noise whenever the silence,
I go and sit in the crowd..!!

Keeping only one promise to yourself,
Don’t bow your head where you are not wrong..!!

the day you lose me,
You will cry even smiling..!!

whether I live or not,
You stay somewhere in me..!!

If you are happy, then
Where there is happiness in me..!!

How many are against this is not the issue,
Just how many are together, they are important..!!

The world is like this, here the strongest iron breaks,
When many liars gather together, the truth breaks down..!!

After you, whenever I wrote to love, I wrote a crime..!!

who burns with me,
Just go from the side..!!

1 line attitude shayari in hindi

1 line attitude shayari in hindi

Where did you get the wounds, leave these things,
Life you tell me how much is the journey left..!!

Where all the wishes of the heart are fulfilled,
May it rain too man and be near..!!

whatever the dream,
You are the only one in every dream..!!

those who cry together for a moment,
You are the story of a lifetime..!!

A pain, give some discount,
I am your daily customer..!!

let’s die on you,
Tell me you will bury in the chest..!!

It seems the heart of this cloud is also broken,
Doesn’t say anything, just crying..!!

to expose the faces,
O bad time thank you a thousand times..!!

I wish the wind blows like this,
If you know who is whose..!!

Talking to him
But that is no longer the case..!!

1 Line Shayari

This heart wants to talk to him,
But he is happy that’s why he becomes silent..!!

Pyaar Mohabbat Ishq is all deceit,
Only attitude is enough in your life..!!

Not years have passed in waiting for him..!!

It’s not so easy to change us now,
If possible, change the time itself..!!

you live in the heart,
This is the secret of the beauty of the heart..!!

Little by little he is going away,
Showing me unfaithful..!!

I never wanted your body,
The relation of my love is connected with your soul..!!

He lifts the pain in the heart,
When he rejects me for the sake of others..!!

Some accidents can never be forgotten,
Like you go from my life..!!

I have seen myself in you,
How can I see you being unfaithful..!!

1 line love shayari in hindi

1 line love shayari in hindi

love if you want to be inhabited
Do it with unfaithfulness if you want to be ruined..!!

Have strength in your thoughts, not in your voice,
Because the harvest is done by rain not by flood..!!

Man is born in every house,
But humanity is born somewhere..!!

I was intoxicated, I left that now..!!

Qualified people neither suppress anyone,
Nor do you get suppressed by anyone..!!

Be the best version of yourself
No duplicate copy of anyone else..!!

Treat the game of words as uirkane sir,
Not every love writer is a lover..!!

Have courage, this time too will pass..!!

Pyaar Mohabbat Ishq is all deceit,
Only attitude is enough in your life..!!

They are in love again, they say,
All good the soil is smelling on the second rain ever..!!

single line shayari in hindi

Why be upset if it is not achieved,
Some promises are short lived..!!

The complaint is with myself
I still love you..!!

Whose hearts are crowded,
Don’t make your presence felt there guys..!!

Friendship is not great
Those who do grow up..!!

Never search for words in my existence, I am
Can’t say as much as I feel..!!

Why did you keep hiding sorrow in the depths of your heart?
Always keep smiling in four days of life..!!

The dam of patience is now breaking,
Heart doesn’t want to live without you anymore..!!

The beauty has not even reached the point,
His smile killed us..!!

It is requested that never let the smile be lost,
With the help of this I intend to pass an age..!!

When the medicine doesn’t work, the mother takes her eyes off her.
Sir, where does he accept this defeat..!!

1 line shayari in hindi on life

1 line shayari in hindi on life

I am silent just for your happiness,
Don’t think that my heart does not hurt..!!

Don’t go so far that you can’t return
Don’t be so busy that you can’t sit..!!

You will get what you give
Be it honor or deceit..!!

Finds the trap even in my silence,
It is very clever, the world finds an excuse to have fun..!!

love happens only once,
I am just lust..!!

Forgiveness is for mistakes not for deception..!!

I smile everyday
But happy times are over..!!

I walk slowly but
Never walk backwards..!!

A person can do arbitrariness in doing karma,
But not in enjoying the fruit..!!

Keeping only one promise to yourself,
Don’t bow your head where you are not wrong..!!

one line poetry

Intoxication is not of wealth, but of success,
Keep the stubbornness of love, not of the destination..!!

Only we are in his heart,
This misunderstanding has drowned us..!!

Forget when but when,
There is hope for him to come back..!!

Without you no one is ours,
You take advantage of this, don’t you..!!

I’m just silent
But I haven’t forgotten anything..!!

My breath stopped like this at night,
Like you have forgotten me..!!

What do distances do?
Some memory has become some dream..!!

It’s about them,
In which there is something..!!

That smile on your face,
What to say, this is our life..!!

Never thought that he too would make me lonely,
The one who often used to see upset and say that I am not..!!

best one line shayari in hindi

best one line shayari in hindi

Life passes alone
People give consolation but not with..!!

I can’t find a place in me,
He is present in me like this..!!

She doesn’t remember
Now I live in my own wealth..!!

My city is so hot,
It is fun but someone’s heart melts..!!

Man is born in every house,
But humanity is born somewhere..!!

He doesn’t remember I can’t sleep,
I can’t sleep until he remembers me..!!

My breath stopped like this at night,
Like you forgot me..!!

Some people don’t show
But do care a lot..!!

A person can do arbitrariness in doing karma,
But not in enjoying the fruit..!!

Need respect in life
So Ego has to be kept..!!

Love is that in which there is no hope of meeting anyone,
Still wait for the same..!!

one line shayari hindi

Hungry stomach and empty pockets,
Human beings are taught a lot in life..!!

let’s die on you,
Tell me you will bury in the chest..!!

No application, no application
Love has its own will..!!

That’s my last frontier,
As if thinking does not go beyond that..!!

Don’t ignore anyone so much
that he learns to live without you..!!

Some people are surprised by my hard work,
So some people are upset with my success..!!

On the condition of changing someone,
Don’t build relationships..!!

The price has to be paid for both,
To speak and also to be silent..!!

Sometimes we are not even that important to anyone,
As much as we think..!!

You will get entangled with other people later if you get free time from your loved ones..!!

Seeing your smile, we lost our senses,
Were about to come to your senses that you smiled again..!!

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